Help me find my Weak Link.

There is just something Missing in my System. I think that I just don't have the proper pairing of components.

Pre Amp: Spectral DMC 20
Amp: Sim Audio Moon W-5
Speakers: B&W N802
CD Player: Wadia 6 with Upgrades from wadia and Great Northern Black Caps.
Cables: Nordost SPM
Interconnects: Nordost quatrofil
Richard Gray Power supplies and Shunyata Power Cables.

I'm thinking that the spectral doesn't quite fit into the Mix with what i'm currently using?

Suggestions Please.
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I agree, the Spectral would be a good place to start. Looking at that line up I'm thinking you would be looking for something that would make your system sound more warm and musical perhaps? Maybe a nice tube preamp?
I agree with with John and additionally I would also recommend changing the speaker cables to something that has a blend of copper and gold or just copper. Stay away from cables that are built like garden hoses as well. I am partial to the Morrow Audio SP6, Audience Au24 "e" and the Cardas Clear.
Can you list what you like and dislike about your system. You'll get much better answers that way.
Along the line of Zd542, how about the room configuration? I can't comment on your equipment but can tell you the room is an important piece of the puzzle.
Check out this thread...
"I don't like the sound of my system... Please help."

Do you know "Get Better Sound," by Jim Smith?
Applying even a few of his ideas is bound to return dividends.
Let me guess. Your system is lacking body.
Common system mismatches are found in power amp - speaker than most others. B&W 802 speaker is a power hungry speaker and need to be driven by a high current amp and has a huge demand at lower ohm. I once had a B&W 802 driven by ML 23.5 and sounded great and anything less "powerful" than that sounded horrible. This is not an easy driven speaker.
You have a very good selection of products. I'm not familiar with the sound of the Spectral pre-amp but your speakers and amp should be a basis of a very nice and musical system. I would definitely take home a few nice tube pre-amps. A Cary SLP-98 or maybe a CJ would take you into the nice warm pre-amps. The pre-amo is the heart of any system and can yield huge improvements.