Help me find a Simple Hi End Turntable

I know somone out there knows of a SIMPLE hi-end turntable.
All I want to do is buy a TT (used,clean), take it out of the box, cable up, clean a record, and play it. No tweaking, no VTF, no aligning,no arm install, ZERO setup. Why? My eyes are lousy, and I just am a doofus at table/cartridge setup. Why possibly ruin it, and my records? Tried it. I stink. Really don't want to learn at this point. So I am looking for a really good, complete, ready to go table, that will require only a new cartridge/stylus every so often.
I currently own a Music Hall MMF-5. Not bad; I'd like to do better. Thanks for your time!
REGA. That's a Rega and if you buy a Rega TT and a Rega Cartridge then you are all set. Nothing to set at all.

Then its just up to your budget:
$400 = P2 (new)
$650 = P3 (new)
$800 = P25 (used)
$1,200 = P5 (new)
$2.200 = P7 (new)
$3,000 = P9 (new)
If you like your MMF-5, then now about the MMF-7, MMF-9 ??

Also the VPI Scout..
Pro-ject combos will do it well.

Go to their website below for complete details :
Find a reputable and skilled dealer that specializes in vinyl who will do it all for you - then pick the combination (turntable/arm/cartridge) you like and hand over the green. If you were in San Jose I'd direct you to Brian at The Analog Room.

Perhaps if you post the budget you are working to it would help.

Project 9, Rega 25, any my choice would be the Audiomeca Romance which comes fitted with a very good unipivot arm and is a lovely table. Retail price is a bit stiff at 3500; friend just acquired an almost perfect slightly used one for 1250 landed.

The Audio Note TT1 fitted with the Audio Note ARM2 is a very good system for not a ton of money. Used they are a steal if one pops up; about 750 used for the rig.
How about the Nottingham Horizon package. I don't think it gets any more simple. Heck, it doesn't even have an on/off power switch. The reviews are very encouraging too....


I am with you on this one. I have a Rega P9/RB1000 with a Dynavector XX-2 cartridge. I find this combo musical and tolerant of surface noise. I did have to go through a careful setup, you should no matter what, even with a Rega cartidge. You need to set the anti-skate and gravity., and maybe a shim or two. I used Wally tools. Hire that out if you need to, it is worth it. them just play the music. These settings make a serious difference, and after they are done, they do not need repeating until you remove the cartridge.

enjoy the amazing potential of lp's.
You can buy one with arm & cartridge all ready set up (which is what I did). When it gets to your house it takes about 90 seconds to drop the arm in place, add a bit of oil & plug the arm in.
I've gotten comfy with tweaking and replacing cartridges & etc. on mine now. Else when I bought a new cartridge I could just unplug and lift off the arm & ship it to my cartridge supplier for mounting.
Someone mentioned Nottingham, I thought my Space deck sounded great, but I absolutely hated trying to work with the Spacearm (think red faced, jumping up and down, expletive deleted, type frustration levels), that arm is now in pieces in a drawer. A Nott with somebody else's arm might be a great sounding and still user tolerable rig though.
Metralla had the best advice IMO. Find a reputable dealer or audiophile nearby and pay them to help.

Every rig above my old Fischer-Price needs occasional tweaking and adjustment. That is the nature of trying to make music by dragging tiny rocks through tiny grooves, and there's no getting around it. If you are unable to do it yourself then you should try to find someone to help.

Where are you located? Members here or on VA might be near you and willing to help.
I agree with Doug and Metralla. If you don't have someone near you, I'm sure one of the fine folks here on the 'Gon would help. If you are in Eastern North Carolina, I'd be glad to.

Although Doug, Metrella and Joe's advice is sound, I will also mention that the folks at SOTA set up my arm and cart, balanced it, etc., for a very nominal fee. They will also provide a refurbished, used table if you want. Donna and Kirk operate the epitome of a Ma and Pa service-oriented company. Recommended.
I agree, if you don't want to set it up, get the help of a dealer or friendly 'phile who KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING (this goes for the dealer, too).

No TT rig is infallible and will need to be set up at some point, even if it's just a simple adjustment of tracking force and anti-skate.

Best of luck!
If you do try to set it up yourself remember that the wires to the cartridge are extremely fragile and it is very easy to pull a wire out of the arm tube as well as to pull off a little metal clamp that attaches to the cartridge. The fact that many modern arms have affixed headshells only makes this more difficult.

Buying a new table from a dealer makes sense for an inexperienced person given the price of cartridges that are considered excellent.
Thanks to all for taking time to offer advice!
I initially had thought the Rega P25 might be a good choice.
I will use all this info to help get a new table in the next
couple of months. I have a good amount of import LPs from
the 1970's that are in near mint condition,record and cover;
all have had plastic outer sleeves for 30 years and look
sweet...Japanese pressings of Genesis "the Lamb..", Yes
"the Yes Album", Floyd "Dark Side",and more, tons of Living Stereo LSCs, lots of fun stuff.

My local shop is a stretch for setup...small shop, don't really sell much in way of TTs (VERY basics only),No repair shop in house, thus no "tech".

Thanks ALL are a super resource to have at hand;
I will have a followup TT question soon, I"m sure.
Take care!
harmon kardon t60 for sale right now with original box, manual...darn good table for 300 or so