Help me find a monitor.

Hello Guys,

Long story short I have some Magnepan MG12's and I might have to replace them. I was hoping I could get peoples opinion on monitors in the $1500 Canadian or $1200 USD range. I willing to buy used. I know that I am comparing apples to oranges here, but please work with me.

Right now I am just trying to make a short list of alternitives.

This I like about the maggies and would want in another speaker is:
-midrange magic?-richness?-refined?-texture to the music?-smoothness?-tone and cohesiveness?-overall character?-fullness - wall of sound?-speed?-plus everything else maggies so well

As long as the speaker has bass until about the mid 40's before rolling off I am happy. I would also like a speaker that has a good soundstage and lots of air.

So throw out some of your recommendations.

Check out Dali Grand Coupe @ $1249.00.
GMA Europa fits the bill nicely. Right at $1K/pair and I think if you hear them, your ears will be very very happy. Do a search here for other peoples comments on these speakers. 1st order crossover for that midrange magic you speak of, and to my ears (i'm a musician) these gems sound more like real music than anything close to their price. One of the best values in all of audio in my opinion.
Green Mountain!
The Coincident Triumph or Parts Express MTM using the Dayton Reference drivers or possibly the older Gallo Refs or new Ref 3s?
Dynaudio 1.3MKII's or maybe a pair of 52SE's. I was looking into the Europas.... then I heard the 1.3MKII... now I have the 1.3SE's... unbelievable. Really amazing speakers.