Help me decide what to do with old tube amps

I have two old tube amps.  One is a Hafler pre-amp that is worth about $200, maybe.

The other is an amp by Audionics of Oregon from about 1975.  It's so rare that I can't figure out what it is, how much it would cost it to fix it or how much I could sell it for.  I can't find anyone who has worked on one before or find any relevant records on eBay.

The amps work last I tried, but they sound like the power supplies are shot.  There could be other problems, but I'm not sure how I'd know.

Right now they are just sitting around.  I would like to either fix and use them, or sell them.  Maybe the Audionics will have a new life as replacement parts for another old tube amp.

The audionics has no model name.  The back of the amp has a stuck-on serial number 06835 above the words "Manufactured by Audionics, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon 97005 U.S.A. 

If anyone is interested in helping me figure out what it is and what to do with it, I would be happy to take the amp apart and post pictures of its innards.

Thank you.

Audionics was decent sounding equipment back in the day. I only remember SS with them though. They were reasonably priced for their performance.  It might be worth checking the tubes to see if that is the issue before putting them up for sale. 
Hafler preamp is of course no mystery.
Neither is Audionics.  I certainly recall the brand name.  Can you post a photo? (This can be done by posting on photobucket or some other similar photo site and then providing the URL here.)
I did some Googling.  Is the Audionics amplifier tube type or solid state?  Can you see a model number anywhere?
Was that an OTL?  Because I found mention of one OTL made under the Audionics brand name.  I think the BA150 is it.  My friend actually had one.
I don't think it is an OTL amp, but I could be wrong. A friend of mine owns one. Has adjustable feedback.
It would not be a problem to get either refurbished. The parts likely needed are power supply filter capacitors, which are not proprietary. Any competent technician could handle the repair.
I started taking it apart, and was reminded that the model number is on the front panel.  It's a CC-2.

Someone suggested I should post this in amps/pre-amps instead.  Should I do that?
The Audionics CC-2 is a solid state amplifier. I owned two of them back in the early 1980's and used them as both stereo amps and bridged mono. Nice amps back in the day. Sounded pretty good as I remember. I replaced them with the first generation Adcom GFA-555.

Can't help you with what to do with them, other than to say you could likely buy a decent integrated amp for less than the repair cost of your old pair. 

Well, this would explain why I found no tubes when I opened it up to take pictures.  Family legend has that it was a tube amp.  So much for family legend.

Thank you everyone for your help.  I've also noticed that there is a lot more information on the CC-2 now than there was last time I looked, including eBay listings.  Given the low prices quoted, my best option is probably to give the amps away to someone I know who will love them as they deserve.

On the other hand, I'm curious enough now to see how far I can get in cleaning it up.  I am not an audio tech, but maybe i could fake it.

Photos for anyone still interested:
Audionics used the heathkit circut with some slight changes to the bias and heater circuts. They are we're pretty decent inexpensive Amps. Pretty user friendy to repairs. Unfortunately they used subpar transformers and had issues putting out the wattage they claimed so they were not a hotcake item if I remember correctly, as well as frying 10k resisters in the bias section. A lot of guys added bigger resistors to fix the issues and they seemed to workout ok. They did improve the stability of the power tubes. All this of course is from memory and it's been quite a while since I've touched an Audionics tube amp. 
I believe the Audionics tube amps were BA-150s. It was posted on the bottom left corner. They looks very much like the hafler 500s corse being tubes not SS. They were supposed to be 150watts per, but more resonably put out around 80watts. But 80watts of tubes is nothing to shake a stick at. 
Update: My experience with photobucket was short and unpleasant.  The photos are no longer available.