Help me decide on cryo option.

Hi everyone,
I'm planning to replace the sixteen EL34s in my cj mono-blocks. Even though there seems to be a consensus that output tubes make relatively little contribution to the sound of an amp, at least when compared to the small tubes, I would still like to get this right. I'm pretty well set on the Sventlana Winged C's but here's the thing: The source I'm intending to use offers a regular quad for $92.80 and a cryoed quad for $164.80. With sixteen tubes, I don't consider the price difference chump change. I realize this all comes down to value judgments that no one can really make for me, but I sure would appreciate any opinions and experiences. Thanks in advance.
I don't believe cryo treatment is worth the extra cost.
I think the cryo is worth the extra cost. You can cut costs by sending the tubes off to a cryo lab like Cryo Pro.
I recently tried SED cryod el34 ..If you need extra warmth you'll get it! The Cryo SED is quite a bit warmer than the regular SED el34..My Cryo quad was put into service for maybe 100 hours and couldn't stand it anymore and put them back in the box...Just keep in mind if you like the tone of your current SED el34 your in for a change ...I didnt like em...Still sitting in the box....................
You can also try Applied Cryogenics. They are very cost effective, careful & thorough. They make the cryo units so they know what they're doing.
Geoffkait what have you experienced the differences to be with cryoing
Better tone, better definition and more air, among other things.
Thank you for responding.

Thorman - This is the first time I've heard about the additional warmth factor. Has this been your experience with audio cryogenics in general; Geoffkait's impression is more typical of what I've heard.

Tvad - As Geoffkait and Dbld pointed out, there are less expensive alternatives. Have you ever found cryoing to be beneficial and cost effective?
Have you ever found cryoing to be beneficial and cost effective?
Phaelon (Threads | Answers)
I have not heard benefits of cryo'd tubes versus non cryo'd tubes. In fact, I have often preferred the no cryo'd versions in those few instances when I have been able to compare.
Geoffkait, thank you for your response.
Phaelon: When I inquired about the SED el34 cryos at ( )I was told they would definately be sweeter in sound..but in my system they made me also change other ( brighter ) tubes to offset the extra warmth that the cryod el34 were giving me..I then went back to my Original SED el34 quads and I got back the detail and midrange I was used to...For me it was a bust..For double the cost it aint worth it.....For me anyway!
Skip the process.You can make better use of the difference in price elsewhere,good luck,Bob
I know that Micheal Wolff ((who makes the Wolff cables ) hates cryo.
Cryo suppresses dynamics and rolls off highs
I bought the regular Winged Cs and FWIW, the person I talked with on the phone didn't recommend the cryo'd version. In fact, in his opinion, the only benefit that he could discern is that the cryo process "weeds out the weak". But as usual, I'm sure that results are system dependent and for those who hear improvement, it's worthwhile. Thanks again for all the great input.