help me decide on budget phono pre

Can anyone help me decide on a budget phono pre that will be an improvement over the Nad PP3.From what I've read it appears the Cambridge 640 and Music Fidelity V-LPS are worth looking into in the lower budget bracket. I have a Music Hall MMF5.1(goldring1012Gx MM) Sunfire amp and processor(w/phono stage) and Definitve tech. speakers. I want to digitalize my LPs so thought the Nad PP3 w/ usb would work but really don't care for the sound. (The phono stage in the Theater Grand sounds better(fuller)) I really don't want to spend the winter converting hundreds of LPs and not be happy with the sound or even worse, upgrade and have to do it again.Do I need to expand my budget? Wait for something better used? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Although it does not have a USB port, I highly recommend you consider the Creek OBH-9SE listed here on Agon. I have the 8SE and if it's anything like mine, you will be very pleased overall. Don't wait.
I have a 640 and really like it. It is much better than the NAD or Parasound or Bellari (in my opinion). And, it is leaps ahead of the one built into your Theater Grand. The 1012 can sound amazing with the right set-up. These don't have a usb port but you can always add a sound card with audio in if that's your goal.
Kotta, yours is a nice choice also. Consider a Music Hall?
Thanks. I have, in fact, gotten an M-Audio sound card to install for that purpose.As I said, from what I've read it seems the 640 is a good choice. I became curious about the Music Fidelity V-LPS after seeing it on the Stereophile list. I have read several of your threads Elevick so the 640 gets a strong vote. Also, from what I can tell the Creek OBH-9se is for MC carts? Did you mean the Music Hall Pa1.2?
Value wise, the 640P is hard to beat, if you had nothing right now. It's a good earner, I'll keep mine around if I upgrade just because it was a solid buy. Although, the improvement may not be worthy of the additonal cost for you.
Another thing you may want to consider is a different stylus when it comes time. There is romm to grow on that cartridge body. That is what I did after the 640P had been around for a while and it was a big improvement.
OK-I picked up a Creek OBH-8SE cheap(used) so will be trying that out to start.If that's not what the Dr. ordered, will probably go get a Cambridge 640. Now, are there any suggestions as to which phono RCA's I can get that would be both inexpensive and musical? Thanks
12-07-09: Hickbone
OK-I picked up a Creek OBH-8SE cheap (used) so will be trying that out to start.... Now, are there any suggestions as to which phono RCA's I can get that would be both inexpensive and musical?
Hard to beat the Audio Advisor' exclusive AudioQuest Black Mamba II at $99/M pair or Blue Racer II at $69/M pair interconnect. Both use premium silver plated connectors and conductors are monocrystal copper. Mamba goes one better with six nines copper (99.99997% pure) and I think is easily worth the money. Can't lose with either one. I find monocrystal copper to really get it right--high resolution with wide bandwidth, uncommon smoothness, and unfailing musicality.

Alternatives would be Kimber Timbre or Hero. The Hero is great (have 3 pairs of that in the HT system), but cost 2-3x as much. I'm using Black Mamba between my Cambridge 640P and the integrated amp and am very satisfied with it.