Help me decide my next amp

Hello Gents,
Currently I own pair of Sonus Faber sonetto 2 speakers driven by pathos classic one mk3. Everything is fine but sometimes I feel like I need more power (lack of authority and grunt). Currently I'm looking at several amps.

  • NAD 275 BEE  + NAD 165BEE
  • Marantz PM 17-MK II + SM17
  • Primare i30
  • NCore hypex NC400 x 2 Monoblocks
  • Quad 606 + Quad 66 pre amp
 All of the amps/preamps are pre owned and every combination is within the range of 1000-1200e.
 What would be your choice?

I bought my Hypex amp from VTV Amplifiers in Ohio. It is a NCore NC252MP which is 250 watts/ch at 4 ohms and 150 watts/ch at 8 ohms. This is basically a bit more than double the output of the Bel Canto C5i integrated that I used previously. My speakers are Ohm 1000s, which do have a reputation for wanting a bit of power to drive them. My listening level typically tops out at around 85 dB, so I’m not a head-banger. However, the extra power of the Hypex does show -- dynamic peaks are handled a bit more gracefully when compared to the Bel Canto. Bass is solid and clean, the midrange very smooth, and the highs are good with no hint of harshness. Overall, I am very pleased with the new amp.
@jjss49 I actually love the idea of trying to build an amp. The craziness now needs to abate a bit, but what fun! I'd be up for it. And since I'm Colorado, I'll bring some baked goods and we can really make a groovy kit.
The hypex dyi kits are pretty easy to put together. I did two mono blocks in about 4 hours. Was a lot of fun and they sound fantastic.  Pushed my pass lab 150.5 to the secondary system.  Now all of my 5.2 system is class d.  Best my room has Sounded .