Help me decide Comments appreciated :

So, after admittedly swapping gear more than any sane person has a right to, I thought I had found my keeper system (at least for awhile) with a NAD M2 acting as DAC and integrated amp. Unfortunately I had repeated technical difficulties with the M2 and after much hand wringing, had to move on. So now I've settled on the new Benchmark DAC2 as my DAC and preamp feeding my 2 channel amp and my Dynaudio Focus 340 speakers. I am in the lucky position that I have 2 amps here that both seem to have outstanding synergy with the Benchmark and the Dynaudios. I'm going to pick one, sell the other and this system will be sticking around as is for awhile. I've listened to both amps in my system and love them both. I literally cannot find anything to criticize. They both sound fantastic top to bottom. So help me decide which one to keep. Both amps are solid state high power amps.

Amp1: Cary SA-200.2. This amp has 200 w/ch into 8 ohms. Incredibly smooth sound. Mid-range is spot on. Voices are lifelike. Bass is excellent, but never boomy. Highs are good, but 1 notch below translucent.

Amp2: Perreaux Prisma 350P. This amp has 350 w/ch into 8 ohms. Also amazing bass. Probably just a smidge stronger bass than the Cary, but both amps have very satisfying and very well controlled bass. The Perreaux also is just a hair more transparent up top but lacks a smidge of the mid range magic that the Cary has as it's strength.

Both amps sound amazing to me and only a cat's whisker separates their performance. They are worth about the same on the used market so money is not really an issue.

The Cary looks better and matches my room better.

Any thoughts much appreciated!
your ears are the ones you have to please but I would go with the Cary
Keep them both for a year.
Selling stuff just to grab money can be a mistake.
If you can afford to hold, do so.
Then you have the leisure of listening to one for months, then the other for months.
After that, decide if you really want to sell one.
Something may happen and you find one is better. Or you may wind up keeping both.

From my experieence, keeping stuff for awhile is the best choice. I have in the past regretted selling stuff off immediately!!
So i say hold, not sell. At least for a year.
I agree with Elizabeth.Do not be in a rush to sell .
Sometimes you just have to man-up and make your own choices. This is one of those times.
Much of our individual choices on system-building here are about what we can afford to do, not what we want to do. Is your decision final that you have to sell one amp now? Or, can you afford to wait and evaluate the amplifiers over a longer time with your speakers? That's the question. If you can afford to, the advice to hold both amps and evaluate them over a longer period of time is good advice. (Jaxwired, I saw one of your videos with the NAD M2 and Dynaudio speakers and have been salivating over the sound of those speakers ever since)... I understand why you had some hand wringing moving that M2! Great, clean, dynamic and bassy sound! (I get it now ..Dynamic--Dynaudio) Your feelings about your system with the Cary and the Perreaux running those speakers is what will tell you your decision. We can't really help you. It's an individual choice. Although it has been said somewhere in some audio forum that-- the magic is in the midrange..... More time with each amp would probably reveal your choice. But sometimes you have to replenish the bank account.
First comment on thread makes sense, i've made mistakes selling gear that later i wanted again. Give them some time.