Help me decide...

I have a Sony 9000es and a pair of Triangle Titus monitors in a small(12x13) room. I have approx $1000 to spend on amplification on cabling. I think I've norrowed it down to either an Audio Refinement Complete with Nordost cables, or a Plinius 8100 with whatever bargain basement cables I can get my hands on. Which do you think would be the better option? Any other opinions?
i'd save your pennies and try to audition a cary sli-80 integrated, can be found around $1600-1800 used and should match very nicely with your triangles in triode mode.
i have never listened to the plinius but from what i've read it should be nice. same goes fro the audio refinement...but the cary was very musical and completely non-fatiguing when i had one home for the weekend about a month ago. quiet as hell and very involving imo
take your time and listen to as much gear as possible
also, i have really enjoyed my alpha core cabling, check it out if you can
sorry my recommendation is over your budget, but my experience is that stretching a budget is not that bad in the long run. and it is the xmas season right? treat yourself (if it will not bankrupt you)
hope this helps
Plinius no doubt, but why not try the odyssey stratos
stereo for $995 you cant go wrong,I bought andra I will
audition the monoblock stratos to compare it with the
plinius 102, the odyssey stratos they have 30 days trial
maybe longer, i am very sure Klaus will let you do it,
I spoke to him nice guy, and finally if you want open
sounding cable and good midrange cable consider harmonic
technology, they have good price.So good luck.