Help me complete my stereo system (Harbeth, ClearAudio Concept).

Hello Everyone,

I would like your help in completing my new 2 channel audio system.  My room is approximately (11ft X 14ft X 9ft ceiling) or about 42 square meters.  

I value good vinyl playback over streaming and CDs and listen mostly to small group jazz.  

I want to stay within a reasonable budget, so I'm focused on entry level components from high quality companies.  To give you an indication, I own a ClearAudio Concept with the Satisfy arm and MM cartridge.  

As far as speakers are concerned, it will be either the Harbeth P3ESR or Compact 7s.  I have auditioned both with expensive Accuphase amps and was blown away by the P3ESR, especially their natural, open sound and ability to fill a decent size room.  C7s struck me as less dynamic ... but let me know if those would be preferable considering my space and listening tastes.  

I am fairly certain that I will be favouring Solid State to drive the little Harbeth, and car analogy, realistically a well-tuned 4 cylinder turbo rather than a V8 with power to spare.  I plan to add a DAC for streaming and radio, more as a convenience than anything else (serious listening is always vinyl).  An onboard phono is preferred but not a deal breaker.  Speakers and stands to be considered separately.

Thanking everyone for their help and comments. 

I'm quite content with my 550 AX II and Compact 7's. I'm running a Kuzma table, Ref 313 arm, and EMT cart direct in to the very competent Lux phono section. There was a post I read that says the magic starts at 507. I can't comment on that, but would not discount the 550. I was concerned about lack of power, but that has not been an issue at all. I am in a medium size room...23 X 12 X 8 ft ceiling. 
...there is the 2.5-3.0 db difference between the 3's and 7's, but again, the 550 is very competent powering the latter. 
I provide concierge service to CJ and can comment on CJ and Harbeth as well as Unison Research S6. Both great amps and options for you.
I have many clients pairing CJ and Harbeth. It is a stunning combination and one I never get tired of hearing.  The Classic 62 and Classic 62SE are the primary amps that I sell that are matched with Harbeth, although recently 2 people went with the CAV 45S2.  The CAV 45S2 is basically the Classic 62 with a volume control and 3 inputs.  I use one as my daily amp when in the office and can listen to it all day long.  I added Sophia Elecrtric EL 34s which took the performance to an entirely new level. Jeff Dorgay at TONE recently did a review of it.
The Unison Research S6 is another sleeper. It sounds wonderful...musical, detailed, engaging.  However, it is 35 watts compared to the CJ 60 means you need to select your speakers correctly. But, it also mates well with Harbeth.
Good luck.
 There was a post I read that says the magic starts at 507. I can't comment on that, but would not discount the 550.

I was the one who made that comment, and realized that I should have included the 550 in the 'where the magic starts' boundary. I agree that the 550 is significantly better than the 505.
These are all great suggestions (Unison Research, CJ, Luxman 550).  At this time, I have to say that the 550 is very enticing (pure Class A).  

This said, I don't understand the hangup over 505, the build / layout look very similar to the other Class A/B amps in Luxman lineup, damping factor and voltage are in the same ballpark, until you get to the 509.