Help me chose a new SU B

hello all , so its up betweem the SVS-12 PLUS OR the Velo SPL1200R
The Velo is alot more $$ but has cool features like the mic for set up and the eq /night mode
The SVS also has a PEQ
The Remote is NOT a selling point tothe Velo
Thanks for your thoughts
VELODYNE 4 SURE. See if you can't trial one from a dealer near and you'll see why. The SPL is a great series. Bass notes are NOTES not thumps. It will blend into your system and your room using the included EQ.

Give the Digital Drive series some serious thought. My experience is that these will transform your speakers to new heights as if you upgraded those as well. Totally awesome. Mine is an DD18 and my room isn't that large. It's a beast but its never is overbearing. It just adds a certain magic to my B&W 9nt's. Of course when it come time to watch a movie, my concrete floor will come alive! I like the remote but never touch it. When the sub needs power, it just gets it!
I'd have to recommend the SVS. It should be very impressive, they have a great reputation and very large loyal following. And if you decide to move on or up it will be very easy to sell.

The SVS also has the PEQ
any other thoughts
Another vote for SVS.
I THINK I will go with the SVS
Not sure if its worth spending the extra $500 or more on a used Velo
all the above are good but if you really want to be surprised audition the b&w 855. other than the gorgeous looks the performance not only for video but for audio is realistic and breathtaking. good luck
Just ordered my SVS SB12 Plus
Cant wait to try it out~