Help me choose which speakers to buy

In a small room (12' x 7') I am currently set up with a Rega P1 turntable and a Kenwood KA-3500 preamp. . .

I am looking at spending in the $150 - 200 range but would like to get a nice clean and crisp sound.

No being a wise-ass, I seriously suggest you spend a little more. If I were you I would wait around for Reference 3A DiCapo's. I saw a pair last week for $650. Sweet, detailed, and very open. What are you using for an amp?
Monitor Audio have some good sounding speakers at a good price
I would like to put in my 2 cents. For $150-$200 you can pick up a used pair of Energy C-2 (the older model). For the money they are unbeatable. They were on Sterephile's class C recommended (monitor series). They sound much better than B&W
s DM series (601s, 602s) that cost twice as much. Good luck.
Ive read some good things about the PSB Alphas... Any thoughts to support or diminish that suggestion?
A used pair of NHT SB2s might be found in that price range and could be just the ticket.
They image beautifully and the sealed design offers a tight fast delivery. Easy to place with a a
decent amount of bass too.
That's just my opinion.
Good luck.
Take a look at the Usher S-520 bookshelf speakers...Stereophile review is on the web.

Listen to Paradigm Atom V5. There is a great review on PSB Alpha may also be a good choice.
Check out this link to good affordable speakers under $300.
DCM Time Windows, there is a pair for $200 right now.
JC, Opinions are a good place to start, but let your ears decide. I work in a field where I'm always asked my thoughts , my stock answer is "Who cares what I think ultimatly you have to live with it." One thing in your favor is the price point you are working with. If you want to make a change you shouldn't loose too much money. If at all possible try to audition as many speakers as you can. Start in your price range and go a little above and below to hear what is out there. Good Luck and Happy Hunting
I second DCM time windows
PSB's are what I would definitely suggest. Probably one of the best bang for the buck out there. I would want to move up as high in their line as you think you can afford. The Alpha's are a great place to start.
NHT used. just about any of their small monitors is a tight little fast speaker with beautiful lacquer finish on many. fwiw, you really should listen to a number of different types. with $200 more you could really take a big jump if you do some homework and buy right. small room now tho does not need extreme low bass so don't get too concerned about that spec. add a sub if you get to bigger space.
This might sound crazy, but Paul at bizzybee has been selling the TAD 805sd single driver speaker for 169. I had to bite for that price and I have to say I am impressed. I have it paired with an Onix sp3 and they sound very nice especially after breaking in and I haven't finished that yet. For that price plus a couple more hundred I don't think they can be beat.