help me choose my next upgrade

I've slowly been in the process of going from a headphone-only setup to a stereo tube setup. I've finally just got the table I've been looking for and now it's either the pre-amp or speakers.

This is my current setup:

Sophia Electric Baby Amp
NAD 7240PE Receiver (used only for phono stage)
B&W 601 S3
Hsu VTF-2 MK-2
SOTA Sapphire (Original)
w/ SOTA isolation cones
Sumiko MMT S-shaped tonearm
Grado Reference Platinum cartridge

The catch is, this entire setup so far has only cost $1,750. I've been very patient and lucky with finding all of this stuff. I just recently got the SOTA table, with tonearm, cartridge, all original packaging, all original documents, notes, 3 extra armboards, spare parts and even the little plastic bags for $850.

I think the last two things I need to replace at this point are the speakers/stands and preamp. As far as speakers go, I'd like to stay away from large floor speakers because I move often and live in apartments.

I'm stumped on speakers and preamps though. I would like a decent tube phono preamp. I would like to keep the budget for both at around $1,000-1,400 and used gear isn't an issue.

here are some images to give you an idea of what i'm working with:

Any suggestions welcome!
My two cents,
At 88 dBs, your DM601 are not the most efficient speakes for your Baby amp and you may be missing valuable information. Shop for a more efficent full range speaker like the Zu Omen (97 dBs). You can find a used pair for around $1,000.00 and you won't need to use the VTF-2 anymore. Sell it for some cash. Also, the Bellari - VP130 tube phono preamp will be hard to beat at around $250.00.
Happy listening!
Contact Tekton at He has some similar speakers like the Zu Omen and also has some great monitors. Unfortunately, I do not see the 6.5t monitor any more. I really like this monitor for the price, looks and performance. Maybe he can make you a set? Mine were around $600 and that leaves you around $400 for a phono stage upgrade. I really like my Jasmine LP mk II phono stage that runs around $500 not including shipping. Maybe you can find both used?

Both would make some noticeable improvements as I think the DM601 speakers are very forward (in your face) speakers with their kevlar drivers. Plus it looks like your room is somewhat small and forward sounding speakers might be overpowering the room. Plus, my 6.5t monitors sound great just 11" from the back wall.