Help me choose an amp

A few months ago I had to get rid of my sherwood newcastle amp in my theater for financial reasons. However it is sorely missed. My def techs don't sound the same from my onkyo 875. I am back in the market looking for a used amp under $1000. My sherwood was 7 channels but I think I might just get a 5 channel and let the onkyo take care of the rears. Any suggestions? So far I have come across:
ATI 1550 (anyone have one of these)
Rotel 1075
Emotiva xpa-5 (new)
Parasound hca 2205
Outlaw 7125 (not sure if enough power)
Outlaw 755
Out of those I would pick the ATI, I have a 1602 powering a second zone and it's a great amp, seven year warranty and excellent build and sound quality.
I think ATI makes the OUTLAW amps, for Outlaw Audio. I'm pretty sure they make amps for several other companies also.

The ATI or a Cinenova would be the best choices. Cinenova is very very similar and may be made by ATI or vice versa. Either way they're very well designed and built. Best of all you get a heck of a lot of amp for the money.
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