Help me choose an amp

My Aragon 8008 died. Now I must replace (OK with me,
I was burned out on the "solid state" vibe anyway).
Want to find a warm, musical, non-fatiguing power amp
(not integrated) for a large bedroom (26 x 24 x 8).

Must integrate well with:

McCormack SST-1 drive
Meridian 563 DA conv.
Audio Research L7S pre
Thiel CS2 2 spkrs

Listen to rock, pop, acoustic music, some jazz. Prefer used tube or warm SS-type like Bryston. Prefer to
keep the price tag under $1200. Ideas?
Used Adcom 5802, if the Thiels are power-hungry. Nothing like the older "500" series and very musical. Can be had for a lot less than $1200.
Hey, welcome to the party---I'm going to mention 2 amps that I have bought in the last 2 months.---(Love to dabble) One is the Sound Valves VTA70 which is 35 a side. 4 total el34's It has on-board easy bias.Now this was a $450 used amp---(looked brand new) Well I was pretty impressed with it's sound---for an under 500 tube amp.---Next up Belles HotRod 150a.---Now this costs a whole lot more--$750. No it don't sound like an el34 amp but this is IMO the best amp for under 1k you can buy.---Sure others will have their fav, in the under 1k---
BUT---This is sweet and ROCKS,dynamic just clean clear music. This would be the better match for your speakers. You'll forget about your dearly departed 8008 PRONTO.----I had an amp die on me as well. Mine was the White Audio Labs A100---which I loved.Sweet sounding SS. Get you one, (Belles)the next time one comes up for sale-- and you too will be enjoying the music---after a short mourning period,of course.
I have owned 5 different models in the Thiel line and I would strongly recommend Classe. They have a "Tube" like sound and are very warm sounding. The have lots of power and are very well built. I have never had them be fatiguing at all. My ecpierence with Adcom is that thry are under powered compared to Classe and they feel and look cheap. Bryston to me sounds thin and unimpressive, weak, I.M.H.O. If you look back thru reports from HiFi shows you will find Thiel, Classe and MIT alot, and they are always considered to be a good combo. Anyway ,Good Lucl to you!
I'm using a Parasound HCA 3500 with my ARC LS 16 and am very happy with the combo. Actually sold one HCA 3500 to try another amp and bought another 3500.
Based on my experience hearing the latest Channel Islands Audio D100 mono blocks, they fit your criteria perfectly...warm, musical, non-fatiguing...and only $1600/pair. CI Audio will have 250 wpc D200 monos available soon, and these might be ideal for your larger room. I once owned Bryston 4B SST and 14B SST amps, and I can recommend the D100 monos without hesitation.
Hi Smiley

I noticed that there's a Simaudio W3 available for close to what your budget is that would probably fit your requirements. Bryston 3BSST might also work, but as they are fairly new, they will cost more. Happy hunting.

Tough at that price........but try a used Musical-Fidelity or Bryston. Bryston would be a good shot but may xtend the 1200 range a little. try the previous 4b-st, you still get a 20yr warr. not a bad deal and they spec out higher than advertised.
How do the Channel Islands D100s measure up to your VAC, in terms of tonality, "truth of timbre", and harmonic portrayal? TIA