Help me choose a speaker match for my Line Magnetic 805ia tube amp under $10K

Since all of you were such a huge help in getting me to arrive at my decision to get the Line Magnetic 805ia tube integrated, I thought I would start another thread to discuss speakers to consider. I do love my Ascend Acoustics but after hearing the improvement that the Line Magnetic gave my system, I am wondering now if there is a reasonably priced but a better speaker that is a better match for my system. The only criteria is that the price be equal to or less than $10k. I am looking for a speaker that is not harsh in the higher frequencies but still has enough sparkle and snap that doesn't give up anything in terms of detail. The ability to deliver some low end, dynamic punch is something that I would be looking for as well as this is the one area the Ascend's lack in currently. 

My current setup is...

Speakers: Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower with RAAL Tweeters and Ascend Acoustics Center Speaker with RAAL Tweeter
Amp: Line Magnetic 805ia at 48W x 2
DAC: PS Audio Directstream Junior
Primary Music: Jazz and Female Vocals 

Speakers that I have considered so far include (power requirements notwithstanding):
  • Magico A3
  • Dynaudio Contour 60
  • Focal Sopra 2
  • Sonus Faber Olympica 3
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Yes, I meant 508ia as well.
I'm chiming in late on this topic.  Curious if OP or others on this thread can opine as to the power characteristics of this amp compared to my LM 518ia, which is an earlier LM integrated producing 22wpc from a pair of 845s.  I'm wondering if in the real world those 26 watts are a huge difference.  

RIAA thanks very much for that link!  It really is a useful comparison, and one that cements my notion that I need to bring my own LM 518 to audition my next pair of speakers rather than relying only on the LM 805 as proxy for my amp.  
Imo,,of the speakers,suggested  Tekton is the worst.When i heard the impact monitor it sounded horrible,we pulled a driver to see what was inside,what a piece of crap.A big part of a speakers magic is the cabinet,bracing and xover...joke joke joke..The double impact was even worse so i would dismiss the clown Tekton shill fan boys.Obviously you should of bought your speakers first and then matched the power to it but having said the couple of times ive auditioned Devore they were powered with LM gear...thats where id start.