Help me choose a receiver,Rotel1550, Arcam 400 or

Marantz 7005, I have center b&w speaker htm2, also will upgrade from my 602's to 805s, present reciever is Marantz 5004, sub is paradigm seismic 110 (love my sub for now) am I in the right track? I was told that Rotel works well with b&w speakers.
Any input would be very much appreciated.
Thank you
I have owned the Arcam A90 and Rotel RA-1062 integrated amps and used them with B&W 602s3 bookshelves. I preferred the sound of the cheaper Rotel with B&W and my local dealer also strongly recommended Rotel gear with B&W..... I thought the A90 would be a step-up, but the synergy just wasn't there?
I'm getting back into improving my HT sound system and need some help,
I feel that I should upgrade my receiver (marantz 5004) in order to enjoy my speakers and the Rotel reviews sound great, I'm not looking for bells and whistles just good sound.
However since I could'nt find a way to audition them except for the Marantz 7005, I rely on advice and experience of this wonderful forum.
Thank you for your input.
Rotel and BW is a great match...owned Rotel for years here.
Glad to hear that, I was leaning towards the Rotel l600 but the 1550(5x75wpc) should be powerful enough since I understand that Rotel's power ratings are conservative and I'm happy with a 5.1 HT system.
Thanks for the info.
I run Rotel sperates in my living room...I do have a dedicated HT/Audio room with more expensive gear but Rotel was my main gear years ago. The seperate Rotel amp I run is 60w per channel and its plenty so you should be fine too. I never once thought it wasnt powerful enough.
Thank you guys you're input has been very helpful and gave me much more confidence in making an easy decision.
My local dealer also carries Marantz (which I like), but doesn't mate very well with B&W in my listening tests and the dealer doesn't like the pairing either. They usually demo their Marantz with Focal speakers. I would think you will be VERY pleased with upgrading to Rotel. Good luck and enjoy!
Rotel receiver and B&W speakers here. They work fine and I've never needed more volume than the 75wpc Rotel receiver could provide. I've wanted more, but never really needed it...
Thats exactly how I feel (more power) I'm debating between the 1550 and 1560, I want more power but I know that I dont really need it, its just that I want to buy a receiver and have no regrets.
Chadnliz said the same thing about 75w being plenty of power, its just me, I'm sure I'll make the right choice.
Thanks for your valuable input
I thought to post what I've learned in reading reviews about the Rotel receivers for anyone interested.
The less powerful 1550 (5x70wpc) has class A/B amps and the 1560 class D amps,
The more powerful 1560 they recommend using a power conditioner and a better power cord they add that it made a big difference for cleaner sound output of the 1560, I dont know much about the amp class difference but thought I pass on the info that I've read. Overall both had great reviews.
Amp power means NOTHING till its doubled...class A~B is better smoother sounding than D (as noted by those power tweaks) stick with 50...power wont be noticed at a 10w increase but its harsher sound will be.
I did'nt know about the A/B and D amp class difference.
Now that I read about the wattage differences, I understand what you mean, it said that doubling the(watt)power only increases sound by about 3db.
I'm more interested in the 1550 because I prefer a 5.1 system. Reviews on the Arcam avr400 about same price range as the Rotel)are also awsome.
Thanks Chad
Down to 3 receivers,
Rotel 1550, Anthem mrx700 and Arcam 400 or 500.