Help Me Choose A Rack

I am finally getting rid of the heavy wood 'entertainment center' monstrosity that I have had to live with for too long. After buying a new BDI TV stand I have a strict budget of about $250-300 to work with. I am considering a Salamander Archetype 5.0 or a StudioTech PS-4, both in black. Anyone have any experience with these two racks and care to comment on them? Is there anything else that I am overlooking in my price range (used is fine)? Here are the parameters that I have to meet to keep the peace at home:

-No more than $300.
-Must be a narrowish vertical type of rack rather than a shorter, wider type.
-Black is the preferred colour, though I could probable sell silver to SWMBO.

If I get the Salamander I will get the megaspikes, and if I get the StudioTech I will fill the legs to add mass.

Any feedback would greatly appreciated!

There should be several competent plastic surgeons in your area who can assist.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :-)