Help Me Choose a Preamp

Looking for a two channel preamp to mate up with my Muse 175 monoblocks (driving Martin Logan SL3s, about to be replaced with PSB Synchrony 1s), which I believe has an input impedance of 51K. Lack of a phono stage is not a deal breaker, and remote volume & a home theater processor bypass would be nice, but neither is a must. Knowing that I can't have it all, I value a transparent 3D midrange and big soundstage over great top and bottom extension.

My budget is around $700. so I'm thinking an Adcom GFP-750 or ARC LS3 might be ideal. I do like the idea of tubes, but I've been away from the hobby for twenty years, so I don't really know what is good in that range.

Thanks for any guidance.

I have a "value champ" in the Forte F44 that I've owned for a long time. Quite nice sounding, and well under your budget, if you can find one. If not, how about one of the Paramount Halo preamps? The Adcom 750 is supposed to be a great value, true, but check out the remote volume control, as there are some reports about issues. No personal experience, so maybe there's nothing to that.
given your budget, I would look at used Audio by Van Alstine or Rogue, or even Vincent (or many other) tube preamps before I went with an Adcom. Because sound stage is more valued by you then extension at the frequency extremes, a tube pre seems more in keeping with what you want. Not sure what is out there new for $700 in a tubed preamp --- but with some patience, a used Agon tube preamp that would be 1.5K -2K new can be had used for $700. I would go that route.
Mapletree Audio makes terrific preamps for very reasonable cost.
Plan B- find a Dynaco PAS-3 and have it refurbished, possibly modified. With proper mods they can easily take many modern preamps to task.
My correction... Parasound obviously, not "Paramount" haha autocorrect.
Good recommendation by Robsker. The Rogue Metis would be a great choice.
Very true Atmasphere , but Pas 3's hardly show up on here anymore.
The Musica Bella from Response Audio on here now at $850. looks like a good bet.
Thanks guys. I've heard others talk about freshened up PAS-3s over the years, are they THAT good? I certainly like the idea of a great piece of vintage gear.
I would go with audible illusions
Yes they are. I had a Music Reference RM5 mk II that I sent back for a minor mute circuit repair and got a PAS 3 to hold me over until the repair was done. When I got the MR back, I preferred the PAS much better. A modded/updated one will be far less than your budget and should be readily available on that other auction site.

If you don't go with the PAS, there are lots of other tube preamps you can consider as well.
You'll never get an Audible Illusions M3A for $700, and that's the one to look for if you go for AA. The difference between the 3 and 3A is night and day, as the volume controls on the 3A are what give this pre its AWESOME soundstage.
you have 2 great pre's on you list... Muse makes a great preamp in the 3 signature. I have seen them as low as $800. This is great at that price point
If you can swing it the Parasound Halo P5 would be a good choice...
To close the loop on this, just wanted to follow up and say that I bought the Dennis Had Inspire LP-2 that was advertised here.
Cant get much used CJ cheap!!
Congrats Countrysquire! Enjoy.