Help me choose a power conditioner, please

My Adcom ACE-515 just passed away. I have a Monster Cable HTS 5000 that is making noise and has lost power to some outlets, so I fear its days are numbered. I listen to two chanel, mostly vinyl (Rega), Rotel amps bridged to mono block, Marsh pre amp. My budget is LOW, thinking about the BPT CPC at $254.00 new or Tripp Lite LCR 2400 at $300.00. I live not too far from power lines and the power to my home is not so good I fear. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks Tvad and per your PT question/thread...try the new band Abigails Ghost, thanks again, Brian
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Low Budget? try PowerVar - designed for medical use, lab work etc. Got mine used for $70 - weighs 40 pounds, 6 outlets. Make sure the model your looking at has enough outlets and amperage for your intended use.
Try the Furutech units. I have the TP80, but I only use the unfiltered outlets. Its essentially a power strip with Gold plated outlets but lined with RF absorbing cloth. My CDP sounds warm, vibrant and lovely plugged into it.

At your price point you could buy at Blue Circle BC86-Mk3 Noisehound for $130 and plug it into a quality surge protector.

If you can stretch to $360 then the Blue Circle BC606 Music Bar will give you all the filtering you will need built into a hospital grade power strip.

I must tell you I am a BC dealer, so check with other people about these products.
In my analog-only system, I use what Tvad mentioned, a Brickwall PW2RAUD for both the TT & Integrated. Even though I have dedicated circuits, the Brickwall enhanced the sound a bit with improved clarity and depth. So far, it has also done a fine job of protecting my stuff throughout the significant number of thunderstorms we've had here in the Midwest lately. I've tried a number of other units, such as PS Audio, Tripplite, Oneac and others. The Brickwall seems to do what it is supposed to and doesn't appear to leave any noticeable sonic signature.
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Furutech e-TP80 & BPT CPC in one accurate review. Deepsix that Monster before it takes something down with it. You should also take a look at the Powervar units the 12amp models sell here for under $250US and are sufficient to power a 200Wx7 amp without restriction, or the rest of your components.
As always, whatever you try after three weeks remove it. My guess is that you will then sell the power conditioner. I have sent back or sold all 48 conditioner I have tried. I use none. I also use no surge protection either, but my local utility seems to have quite stable voltage and few surges.
Check out the PS Audio Duet or Quintet.
Check out APC

Cheap but respected by business and IT sectors of the market. Less well known (respected) in the boutique world of hi-fi.