Help me buy some new cables....

Okay, I am looking to buy some cables on eBay--I am hoping to take advantage of some clearance items. I use an all Magnepan HT driven by Citation 7.1 and 5.1 amps. My processor is a Lexicon MC-12 (don't know how much that matters). I am thinking of buying one set of a couple to try them out and then buy more if there is one I like, but frankly, I am not a big cable experimenter and with two newborns I just don't have the time or money to do much right now.... So any way I can cut a corner and get a good sound the happier I will be. Anyway, there are a few choices that I've got:

Straight wire Musicable II
Vampire Wire
Monster Cable of a few types (300i and 350i I think, plus a couple others)
DH Labs White Lightening
Audio quest g-snake
Tributaries (their lower end cables of course)

I could also DIY some cables, but time becomes a REAl issue. Also, while I have no doubt I can make a functional cable, I've never actually made interconnects before so I am worried about the end quality even if I found the time to do it.

I'm also open to suggestions. As you might guess, I am not looking to spend very much here. My budget basically maxes out at $50 per pair. I'm considering doing one very nice pair for the front speakers and perhaps center channel and lower end cables for the surrounds.

Thanks for any advice!
Radio Shack.
Mogami 2549 neutrik connectors from Pro Audio LA.
X3 very important!!Hello.
Try at set of Morrow Audio's MA1, at $39.95 you would have to spend over a $100 to do better!
Thanks for your responses! I've actually had Radio Shack cables for years--that's what I am replacing. To be honest, I have one major problem with them: they grip the inputs way too tight and changing out equipment has almost damaged items more than once over the years.
Not good. I honestly can't speak to their sound as I've never really A/B-ed them, but the potential for damage alone makes me want to finally move one. I've also used Acoustic Research, but a couple actually failed and they are overly grippy as well (this is probably linked).

I'll check out the Mogamis and Morrow Audios.

Sorry EBM, I don't really understand your reply. Could you elaborate?

BTW, note to moderators: for some reason when I posted this topic it posted three times. It might be something I did, I don't know. If at all possible could these be merged? I feel like I am cluttering the board.
Also check out Blue Jeans Cable. Very good budget cables. Look thru the archives for info and reviews.
BTW, Ebay is the place to buy counterfeit cables.
How do you know they are counterfeit. Is it just because of the price? I have seen a pair of Audioquest K2 cables that were bought from China. Box and packaging looks like what is in retail stores and cable looks identical. How would one tell?
I do not have first-hand knowledge, but there are many forums discussing the subject and I would not risk buying AQ cables from a private seller on ebay. Maybe the more accurate term is grey-market and not counterfeit.
But the extremely low prices seem suspect to me. I'm only saying buyer-be-ware.
so these grey market cables are being taken out of the back of the factory in china, or a container headed for the U.S.? I did notice that the package did not have a UPC code. But would a counterfeiter go through the trouble of duplicating the inside and outside packaging? Doesnt it cost a lot for the molds for the plastic innards of the package and for printing the exterior for what presumably is a low volume product. My bet is that these have been diverted from the regular channels of distribution. K2s are being sold for $400 instead of $10k here in the U.S. Is that really possible?
"K2s are being sold for $400 instead of $10k here in the U.S. Is that really possible?"

I suspect you already know the answer to that.

Morrow, Signal and Clear Day all make reasonably priced high quality cable and you are buying a handmade product direct from the manufacturer. All great guys selling great products.
When I was starting out in our hobby, I purchased used Kimber Kable PBJ's. I've since upgraded, but for the money, they were very good.
Hey, I didnt think it was possible to charge 10k speaker cables. the $400 seems more reasonable to me, regardless of what is inside them. So is it really possible? who the f knows