Help Me Build a Second System For Less than $10000

Hi, I am trying to build a second system for by Bedroom and looking for suggestions . I am planning to spend around $10000 for everything including speakers,pre/pro and Amps. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am willing to spend a little more if necessary.
Must be a damn nice bedroom:>)
Are you hiring? All kidding aside, what's your main system? That would give everyone an idea of what you like. Are you looking to spin vinyl, CD's, etc.
You should mention a primary system. Would help to fill in what you are looking to get out of the bedroom system.

How much room? Floor standers? Stand mount? Room for panels?
What is your source requirement? CD/RedBook? SACD? Computer based? Vinyl? The primary listening position? In bed?
I guess that, all we can do in the interum, is to suggest our own systems.

Merlen tsm`s (stand mount). vsm`s (floor standers), cary sli-80 int. amp., audio aero prima cdp, cardas wires all around.

This is my main system and I love it.

The only down side in your case is that you`ll probably feel like the musicians are in your bedroom with you.

This grouping is that neutral and resolving.
My Main system is more of HT oriented.

Paradigm Signature S8 Speakers (matching center and surrounds )
Anthem D2v
Parasound Jc1 (For Main Speakers)
Parasound A51 (For Center & Surrounds )

My room is 18x17 Feet. But planning to move to a bigger house soon. I am looking for 2Ch Music oriented system and going to use Logitech Squeezebox Touch to transport music from My Computer (Mostly)
For $10000 I would get a really good bed. That's the purpose of bedroom, isn't it?
In any case, stay away from tubes and hot class A amps - this maybe hazardous to your health. You don't want those big power cords across your room either.
Put the "magic fingers" subwoofer under the bed.

Monitors? Minis? Floorstanders?
Luxman Neo-classical 100 tube amp, Luxman N-100 CD player and the new Luxman iPod nest. Vandersteen 1c, Harbeth mini monitor speakers or Zu Super Souls. Rega p3 turntable with MM cartridge.
I would stay away from tubes for the simple fact if you fall asleep, you don't want the tube amp on all night. I would also suggest a Squeezebox Touch and a nice external dac to feed your amp. With the Spueezebox, you can access your music library, internet radio, and use it as an alarm clock all from the convenience of a remote. Speakers, SB with dac, and a nice integrated amp and you have a clean versatile system perfectly suited for a bedroom.
did you mean $1k instead of $10k??? $10k USED would buy you one hell of an overkill system for a bedroom

other questions:

digital sources only or analog as well??
surround sound??
placement issues??
For a $1,000 I would get a Melas Sha 1 or other good headphone amp for a few hundred and budget $400-500 for great used heaphones (see If the budget is $1,000 you really can't buy a DAC that is going to offer you any real notable improvement over the SB and still get the rest of a system (either headphone or otherwise). You can buy a dac if you want, but you won't get any improvement (based on this budget).

For $10K, I would look at a used pair of Gemme speakers (Katanas used are around $3,500 I think)or other brand that are quite forgiving in terms of placement in relationship to performance. An integrated amp (Moon, Krell 400xi, or othes) and look for an older DCS DAC for about $2,500. With cables, etc. . . that should give you a really great sounding used system.

Another fun system would be a pair of Coincident speakers and a Manley Stingray integrated amp - which would have enough power for the Coincident speakers.

I've had systems set up in my bedroom, which is fairly well sized. But in the end, I always end up back with my headphone system for any real listening as I lay in bed and read. . . I do happen to have a pair of speakers hooked up to a DVD player via a crappy little digital Sonic T amp just so that music can play in the background on occassion - but it really isn't used that much for anything other than watching movies (also a rarity). Certainly isn't serious listening oriented.
I meant 10k. But that would include everything from speakers to cables.
Tubes will provide a lush mid-range with WAF. Solid state will be overkill. The three speakers I suggested are fantastic, sweet sounding near-fields.
Bryston or Naim integrated....that is, if you can get along with Naim.

Choose speakers at the same time, for compatibility reasons. One of the computer based 'server' style head units is a great idea.

No need to spend 10k. You could spend 1/2 that for excellent bedroom sound and take a couple first class weeks in Hawaii.
I am going to use Logitech Squeezbox Touch which has digital output. I dont see Bryston Integrated has Digital Input option.
10 Grand is quite a lot for a bedroom system. If you are going all out for a bedroom system, then you should go all the way and get the Devialet D-Premier which combines a preamplifier, phono preamplifier, stereo power amplifier and DAC in a single, slimline case. All you need is to add speakers. You will have to go used to keep your budget under $10K.
Are you interested in any tube equipment?
I might go for Tubes. I have not used them before and dont know much about them.
I like tubes in my bedroom system. I also think in the bedroom that you probably would like something that sounds great at low to medium volumes right? In that case an excellent choice is a High Efficient Speaker and a SET amp. I think the Coincident Line would be an excellent choice as mentioned above. The Superflys are also great. You probably want a speaker that is not fussy about placement and the Zu Superfly's fit that bill and are very efficient.

As for the SB Touch it has RCA out and digital out.

I would use a stand alone DAC as that is the technology that is changing the fastest, and likely to be improved upon more and more in the next few years. I think the Eastern Electric DAC Plus is tough to beat as is the dB Labs Tranquility.

As for amps, you have endless options with the above set up. What type of music and what volume do you listen to? What do you appreciate most as far as your tastes?
I mostly Listen to Jazz, Country and Indian Classical.
Olive server

PrimaLuna integrated amp

Focal bookshelf speakers on stands

Cables and cords to taste
Oops, forgot a DAC:

Musical Fidelity M1
Harbeth C7es3, LFD Int amp, CD player of your choice or dac
For a a very nice bedroom system, assuming lower volume levels, and unaggressive music I would look for

tube integrated: rogue, VAC; leben; shindo
speakers: devore super 8 or nines
turntable: clearaudio or rega
cartridge: clearaudio maestro
10-20-11: Veerapaneni
I am going to use Logitech Squeezbox Touch which has digital output. I dont see Bryston Integrated has Digital Input option.

At your budget, you are likely to gain much better performance by using a separate DAC - unless it is one of the plethora of current market $1,000 DACs (they will provide little real improvement over the SB analog out) that only have a high sampling rate chip versus a full audio component with a good power supply and analog section.

Personally, I would look for a used DAC in the $2,000 range that incorporates more than just the latest chipset. You may even want to consider a CDP with digital inputs (like an Esoteric, Moon SuperNova, Levinson 390S, all of which sell for about $3K used - and several others).

Also getting back to the speakers, as I suggested earlier as an option and others have as well, a more highly efficient speaker may be a good choice. Realistically, how often will you be listening at lower volume levesl? Frequently the higher efficiency speakers perform better at lower volume levels, IME.
How good is PS Audio Perfect Wav DAC ?
Ckoffend are you saying that the Touch DAC is so good that a sub $1000 DAC wouldn't make that much difference is the sound for the better? I know that a $400 DAC with my SB Duet makes a big difference.
I have a second system with a Leben CS300X integrated, using Devore Super 8's and a Sonos ZP90 with a Cambridge Dacmagic in my family room. Room is 15 x 17 and system sounds great at low to mid levels. I never listen that loud in there.
Nice feature of the Leben is it has a bass boost button that beefs up the bottom end at lower volume levels.
Total cost about $10K with cables and everything
I am not going to tell you any brand but I agree with many of the tube advisers. If you're getting solid state, it's going to cost you more then 10 grand for some of the real good ss. At least tubes you don't have to spend megabucks to make your system sound good although plenty of mega buck tube amps and preamps. I would go all tubes from preamps, amps or integrated, including a tube cdp. Don't spend too much on cables, just get reasonable quality cables. As far as speakers, I would go for electrostats, planars, anything with ribbons or horns and if you can afford it a LINESOURCE ARRAY would be much preferred. After all it's a second system. You might want to even just invest on good quality bookshelfs for speakers. It's all about matching and what would work for your ears on the 1st or second system. There's a lot of good gear you can get for 10k or below. Plenty of giant killer manufacturers out there. I don't like imposing my desired manufacturers of any component. If you were to ask my peference then I would recommend. It's all about you and what would make you happy!