Help me build


I have never had the caliber system of many of you, but was in the process of building one a few years back. Due to the economy, I had to sell some of it off, but still have an original benchmark media systems DAC1 and Rel studio II sub-bass system.

I recently had an inflow of a bit of disposable income and am thinking about getting back into the game. Our basement is unfinshed, but I am considering putting a home office there and this is at least initially where the system would be placed. One day who knows when I would like to finish the entire basement to include a listening room, etc, but for now that is not in the forseeable future.

I have not exhaustively auditioned hi end equipment (have tried Wilson, ML, B&W, Thiel, Revel, Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, Krell, Levinson, Halcro, Classe, Meridian), but my favorite speakers have been Wilson and Martin Logan. I don't like to upgrade a lot, but rather buy what I like and build on it. Therefore, I don't know that I can afford speakers, amp, and preamp of the caliber that I would want. I like an organic yet detailed sound from a dependable company, which makes me gravitate towards BAT (although where I live I cannot audition). My options:

1) WP7 or used Summitx or clx with BAT VK600SE and use the volume control on the benchmark DAC1 instead of a preamp for now
2) Summit or Spire with perhaps enough left to get VK600SE and 52SE
3) VK600SE and 52SE with MAGNEPAN MINI DESKTOP SPEAKERS since this is an office system. I have never heard them and I know one can audition them at home, but if I buy the amp and preamp to demo them and don't like the Magnepans, I will have blown enough $ to not be able to then consider WP7 or CLX