Help me avoid sonos, please

Doing a kitchen remodel and have the opportunity to do built in speakers.  I only care about the 2 speakers I’ll have in the kitchen and potentially running 2 more to our deck.  I’d like to use Google Assistant to basically run Spotify.  

I’d like to be $500-$800.  

Would love any advice to get me decent sound.

thanks to anyone that can help me out!!!
Music never sounds right coming out of the ceiling above IMHO. 

Put a pretty powered speaker(s) on a shelf. 
Installing a back box helps a great deal. 
I have Sonos running a variety of speakers both inside and outside the house. I have access to all my Spotify, iTunes, Pandora stations... you name it. I can access the Sonos app from my phone and can control speaker volume, song selection etc. No complaints whatsoever. Oh and one more thing... the Sonos customer service is fantastic!