Help me avoid sonos, please

Doing a kitchen remodel and have the opportunity to do built in speakers.  I only care about the 2 speakers I’ll have in the kitchen and potentially running 2 more to our deck.  I’d like to use Google Assistant to basically run Spotify.  

I’d like to be $500-$800.  

Would love any advice to get me decent sound.

thanks to anyone that can help me out!!!
Okay so what you do, turn up the volume on your stereo and leave the door open.

I would not rule out Sonos. I helped my neighbor hook up speakers in his living room, back deck and kitchen with Sonos and Spotify on his smartphone as a source. He could not be happier. You always have your main audio system, plus Sonos is in that ballpark price range.
Take a look at audiopro.

I have the little battery powered one for traveling and it sounds great.

They are a Swedish company, not very well know here, but most of their products are very well reviewed online. 

Maybe a few of these?

Heres their whole suite:

Another Option would be a couple pairs of these AudioEngine speakers and pop a Chromecast Audio dongle on the back.  They have USB power built-in.

I gave this exact set-up as a gift to friend - they sound great.  Stereophile recommended product as well.

This would be cool because you could control them with Voice Control.  They even come with a remote!
The audioengine speaker line up looks good as suggested by leemaze!! I have never actually heard them but they seem to be a great option/choice. I have a Bluesound Node2 streamer which additionally connects to my NAS and I really like it, but never tried their speakers.
Thanks for the suggestions.  I’m debating the built in ceiling speakers now. I was close to installing and wiring to my Denon home theater, but I fear the sound will be terrible and I’m better off with a stand-alone BT speaker on the shelf.
If you decide on ceiling speakers check out Atlantic Technology. I use them in my office system and they are excellent. Tweeters are adjustable. 
Music never sounds right coming out of the ceiling above IMHO. 

Put a pretty powered speaker(s) on a shelf. 
Installing a back box helps a great deal. 
I have Sonos running a variety of speakers both inside and outside the house. I have access to all my Spotify, iTunes, Pandora stations... you name it. I can access the Sonos app from my phone and can control speaker volume, song selection etc. No complaints whatsoever. Oh and one more thing... the Sonos customer service is fantastic!