HELP ME add tube amp to my HomeTheatre

I recently purchased a 2-channel tube amp rated at 60wpc. I would like to use this for my mains, as I use my setup for music 90%, home theatre 10%. HT receiver is a Yamaha 995 which has preamp outs for all 5 amplified channels. Should I simply go out the main preamp outs and into the inputs on the tube amp and use this as main amps for music and HT? Any considerations I should review? Also, any suggestions on the cables to use from preouts to amp in? I'm a "newbie", so any input would be appreciated. Thanks...Steve.
Hi there Zoo. Stay out of the attic--please. I run a 48 tube home theater set up.Honestly.What I did was; I would get a better amp,and move it down the food chain till I had 3.Started with a Fosgate 4100(crap) Not sure what other amps you're contemplating but-- how efficient are the speakers?To sub or not? I would sug.a GOOD stand alone well.Oh,that moving down the food chain;did that w/ ics and spk,cables as well.AQ diamond/2 and tera labs spk.wires.You can do it a piece at a time;I did. Almost every thing you do will add over the amps within the can mix and match till you get there.Fronts first center next rears last.If your center speaker isn't bi wireable(mine is) just use 1/2 of the amp. that crackle from my rear speakers...let me go to the attic and check and I'll be right back...
Sacre bleu! Zut alors! Love your handle. I recently faced the same problem you posit: adding video to a good music system or getting HT to play really good music. My solution was to use mono tube amps for the right and left channels for 2 channel serious music listening and a 3 channel solid state amp for center and rear HT. This necessitates an audiophile quality remote control tube preamp plus an AV processor like the Lexicon or Proceed. Run all your music inputs directly into the preamp and the preamp's outputs into the tube amps which will be connected to your main speakers. Run your video inputs into the processor with its 5 (or more) audio outputs connected to the center and rear channel amps directly but R and L to the Aux input of the preamp. For HT run the AV processor and the preamp on the corresponding Aux input. For music simply run the preamp 2 channel with the appropriate inputs.