Help matching a cartridge to a phono preamp

I currently have a Musical Fidelity M1 vinl and I am considering either the 1mv or the .21mv output versions of the EMT TSD 15 and I am concerned that the output is going to either be too high or too low to work well with my pre. Would this be a bad match?

This is the MF m1's info: MC 500μV in for 300mV out (at 1 kHz)
After looking at the specs of the M1, IMHO the .21mv version would be right on the cusp of not working well.

It also depends on how much gain your preamp has through the line stage, but unless it's a lot, the 1mv version will definitely work better and be a safer choice since you probably can't return a cartridge once it's been mounted.
Awesome thanks for your help. There is one of the low output tsd's on ebay and I was debating the benefits of saving a few hundred dollars anyways.