HELP Mac-mini or Macbook Pro

Do you have a recommendation for a resource (individual or a company) that can set up a music server in Southern California? Thank you in advance
No recommendation per your request but I do occasionally see people selling Mac Minis that are fully set up as audio servers. I see them on this site as well as a couple other sites.
Mac mini
you don't need a laptop plus the mac mini is so quiet, has more ports to work with. You really don't need the portable functionality of a laptop when it is going to sit on your rack.
Mac Mini with SSD (No Vibration) and external Linear Power Supply (No Heat).
Yep, MacMini. I've got the 2013 version, and it's whisper quiet and super greatÂ…WONDERFUL product.
What do you need as far as set up? Do you simply need the computer set up or everything created? I've used a Mac Mini for over 4 years and really enjoy it. I have a MacBook but the Mini works so well and I like the fact I've have it in my audio rack which I can't (or not as easily) do with the MacBook. Is your library already set up? What playback and library management software are you using or planning to use (itunes, JRIver)?
I would like to thank all of you for your valuable input. The current thought process is to have the system configured as follows:

Mac Mini 2.8Ghz with intel core i5 with 16GB of RAM & a SSD drive for the OS & related software etc.
Synology DS415Play with 4, 4TB Hitachi drives in RAID
For Ripping in AIFF, XDL & itunes. itunes also for music management
For Playback Amarra
CD drives TBD

I have about 2.5k cd's that need to ripped. Unfortunately a good portion of these will need all meta data input manually.
Just to throw out a different option I replaced a Mac Mini with an Aries Auralic, the sound quality is noticeably more refined and the tablet based interface is quick and easy to use. Works great with Synology networked storage and plays Tidal lossless music service too. Definitely worth considering.