Help M'aidez

I am heading to Paris for a Jazz vacation and am looking for suggestions as to where the best music in Paris is.
My advice is to find the finest brothel in town and listen to the magical sound of well..........uh, you know ;)
Very, very, many places! New Morning, Duc des Lombards, Sunset, Sunside, Petit Opportun, Cav. de la Huchette, many others... Check out (for the week's "going ons") or for jazz in Paris.
The Parc de la Villette often has (reasonably priced) concerts -- but don't think anything's on now...
Also, A'gon member Badwisdom is presently in Paris (I think), so he may have an idea or two. Salut et bon voyage...

p.s. Don't forget to drink red wine & try a bistrot or two!
Thank you both for the suggestions. I thinks Gregm's was a bit more productive. :)
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