Help Low Freq. From Totems? Is it there?

Have not heard anything but the smallest floor standers.

How is the base in the middle of the line floor standers. Is it there?

I am always weary of small 2 way floor standers.


Dr. Ken
I have a pair of mani-2s, and the LF performance rivals many subs. I don't even need to run my REL Stadium III sub with the Mani-2s. But, they are not small by any means.
I have a pair of Sttafs - I'm not sure if these are the ones you say you're familiar with. The bass is quite good for most music - probably 85% of what I listen to. But for some Rock music I find the lack of extreme deep bass a little wanting. I've hooked a little Paradigm sub (PS800) up to them and it solves the problem - but I'm looking for a good sub to pair with them.

For reference, I a-b'd them extensively with Vanderstein 2's when I bought them and I thought the bass was pretty comparable, but prefer the imaging and mids in the Totems. My other reference point is my old Infinitys that are flat to 22 hz. For that 15% of music I was refering to I prefer the Infinitys even though they lack the imaging/mid of the Totems. But for the other 85% the Totems are sweet.
Bdgregory, why don't you try the little Totem Dreamcatcher sub? If that is not enough bass try tht Totem Lightning. Both are synergistic with other Totem speakers.

DrKen, the bass is quite good with the Hawks.
I brought home a pair of Forests over the summer to compare to my now departed VR2s. In the dealer showroom the Forest had plenty of bass and slam, but couldn't compete with the von schweikerts in my rather large (26X16) room. And the uppper midbass and midrange was not as full and fleshed out as the VR2s. I can see where the Totem would work pretty well in a medium sized room and I love the way they disappear, but they just weren't enough for my room.

Upstateaudio - thanks, I have had my eye on the totem subs - precisely because I expect they will integrate best with the Sttafs. was hoping to find one second hand to save a few bucks.
I'm also thinking about the REL Strata III. Any opinions on how that would work with the Totems?
Dr. Ken- I think you may give up a little bass with the totems. But focus on what you are gaining....wonderful, listenable, musical speakers. Buy a sub to give the movies rumble- but don't use it for music- the totems are good on their own.