Help. Looking for a new cartridge

Greetings. I am looking to upgrade my clearaudio concept mc cartridge.

So far I have looked into the maestro ebony v2

I'm trying to keep this under 1500$ including a protractor.

But I may make an exception for a Lyra delus. How good are they?

I listen to genesis Beatles led Zeppelin and 80s 90s rock.
Not looking for anything bright sounding. I want warmth depth and tight timing.

My system
Clear audio concept turntable
Parasound jc3+, jc2, a21
Psb synchrony one towers.


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I've never met a Lyra I didn't like, but--since you're wired for low output cartridges--how about taking a look at the low output moving iron Grado Statement Reference1 at $1500?

Review of the earlier version here.