HELP Looking for a Linn Basik LVX Headshell

Hi there!

My first post... hope to get help!

My headshell on my Linn Basik LVX tonearm is busted. As the headshell is proprietary to Linn, I can't seem to get any standard headshell to replace the busted one.

Does anyone have an extra for sale? Or know of any places I could try? Thanks for looking!
Try Rick at Audio Alternative. He has been a Linn dealer since 1978. He might have some.
Contact Rick at The Audio Alternative in Fort Collins Colo., he is everything LP12/Linn amongst many other fine products. But if anyone can help you it would be him.
As a side note:He just re-adjusted my LP12's Rake Angle and I am continually amazed at how much information is in those little grooves.
Rick is the man. He just refurbished my Linn axis.
BTW, I followed Mofimadness's advice and it worked for me.
As an added note I asked Rick and he does have these in stock.