Help locate stolen Tom Waits song by 3rd Bass

I just read an interview with Tom Waits from '92 in which was mentioned that Waits 'took action' against rappers 3rd Bass for sampling the song "Down in the Hole" from "Bone Machine."

"They probably think I'm a real prick but I said listen, you didn't just take the boom-ching-boom, you took the whole song."

I'm interested in hearing it but can't find the title listed on any 3rd Bass recording. Does anyone have an idea how I can track down this one?

Great to see you here, Dennis.

The 3rd Bass song is called something else, no? They sampled "Way Down in the Hole" but probably had enough sense to call their song by another name.
I believe the 3rd Bass song was "Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball", from "The Cactus Album" (1989, Def Jam).
I song you are looking for is off the album "Derelicts of Dialect." The song is "ACE in the Hole". The album sucks, Beastie Boy wanna be's. There is sealed copy of the cd on Ebay.
Hey Kubla!

I love how "sampled" means it's OK to take it, Re: It's not copying,
it's sampling :^).

So, I'm thinking of going to my local Porsche dealership, and when they're
distracted drive off with a new turbo coupe.

When the police stop me, I can explain "I was just sampling it."

With that response they have to let me go. Right?
By the way the song first appeared on "Frank's Wild Years" and it's "Way Down in the Hole." It also is performed live on the Cd version of "Big Time."
Albertporter, you could also comment that you are only sampling a portion of the new turbo coupe and that in fact you left the rest of it on the road a couple of three traffic lights back! Cheers!
Thanks guys...i knew posting here would solve the problem.

Albert...i'd love to sample your walker audio/aesthetix setup some time. keep your doors locked while you're out sampling the porshe.

btw, qdrone, if you're a tom waits fan you should know (in case you didn't like me) that there's a book out called 'innocent when you dream.' it's a collection of interviews and articles and a little gold mine for devoted fans. i wouldn't recommend it for someone who wasn't a bit of a fanatic though. i'm loving it.
Tom Waits blows me away,he has an unique sound but one of the mysteries of life is how a great looking guy ended up looking like Kieth Richards is beyond me. Another thing is the song is used as the lead in credits for the HBO series The Wire and Waits get no mention.The second season they went with another song.
he mentions that he admires keith richards in several of the interviews in the book so maybe he secretly willed it so...which would be yet another mystery of life.

i've never heard of that hbo series but it's surprising that he would license the song for it.

i listened to the 3rd bass song and don't know what to think. waits is known for not being litigious (i still don't know what 'take action' means in the interview) but 3rd base used exactly 4 seconds of the music and repeated it for the entire song but put entirely new lyrics to it. thankfully run-dmc didn't get a hold of one of his songs or he would have blown a gasket on one of his old chevys.
>I've never heard of that hbo series

For someone in the business, that's shocking. Probably the best TV drama ever, with three completed seasons so far.
shocking, i know, drubin. i've never seen the sopranos either, but at least i've heard of that one. i only just saw 'curb your enthusiasm'recently - which is pretty darn funny. i don't have a tv; i work in film. i'll check out the show next time i'm at my father's.
Check out "Prison Break" and "Boston Legal". I haven't watched primetime showa this faithfully since "New York Undercover" was on FOX.