HELP !!! Linn Classik All in One Player

Any one out there have any experience for the LINN Classik? I am think get one to drive my AE1 Signature book shelf speakers as a bed room set. Any good suggestion? Thanks!
I recently helped friends buy a used LINN Classik for a bedroom system. They added a pair of small Monitor Audio floorstanders, the 5i, and they are thrilled with the sound and the unobtrusive look of the Classik. They've almost abandoned listening to their more expensive living room system. The total price of the new system was less than $1,500 and I have to admit it compares pretty favorably with my system which cost several times that.
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I recently acquired a Classik to use as a third system & it is an amazing little piece of equipment. Utilizing both sets of speaker outs, I bi-wired the Classik to my B&W Matrix 805s & the sound is startlingly good. I suppose I shouldn't be startled since the elimination of two power cords & two sets of interconnects afforded by the all-in-one design simplifies the signal path and eliminates the noise associated with wires & connectors, allowing the unit to deliver very clean, powerful & musical sound. You may be spending a lot more time in the bedroom!