Help - Line 2 on the blink

My Sonic Frontiers Line 2 pre-amp seems to be on the blink. When it get thoroughly warmed up, 1 hour of play time, some sort of protection circuit kicks in and shuts it down for about 10 seconds, engages the unit & shuts down again. I narrowed the problem down to the Line 2, swapped all the cables out, scratched my head and logged into the forum. I am pretty much going crazy without this thing...I really love it.

Are there problems with a tube(s) going bad?

Any recommendations on where to start are much appreciated!

I have a line 2 also but cannot help you. My suggestion is to call or email the guys at with your problem. They service Sonic Frontiers and may be able to help. If necessary you can ship it to them for repair at a very reasonable price. I had mine serviced over a year ago and was very impressed with their service and fast turnaround time.
Might be tubes. Try pulling them out and then reseating them in the socket each came out of. Make sure to power down 100% for half an hour first. If that doesn't do then consider tubes still as possible culprits. Failing that you can check out Parts Connexion as they specialize in Sonic Frontiers repairs and upgrades.
Thanks for the ideas. I will try reseating tubes and see if that helps. I had a look over the Part Connexion site...Nice prices for repair work....shew.

I had the same problem with my line 2 se. It turned out to be a bad tube.
Yo G,

Let us know how it works out for you.