HELP Lightning strikes and opportunity knocks

Audiophiles will love this story! I have had and loved a Cambridge Audio 640A and 640C combo running through Analysis Plus Oval One interconnects and XLO ER12 speaker cables to Totem Rainmaker monitors (and Grado SR80 cans) for four years now. I'm all about value! Now for the horrible tragedy: Our family room home theater receiver died, necessitating the trade of my 640A into the theater rig to provide the sound for the Nemo, Curious George, and Signing Time (a great video series for teaching babies and toddlers sign language) videos. Without these videos, we and our 2-year-old twin sons may not have survived (yes, the 640A saved a few lives here). We didn't want to run out and buy a new receiver as we are about to move and buy a new house, so we wanted to wait until we saw the new situation. Therefore, the CA 640A was begrudgling doing its toddler-pacifying duty when our home was struck by lightning! Smoke came out out of the amp. The stench was sickening. The (sigh) Monster Cable power strip did nothing. The amp is now dead. The horror of our twins going without their morning Mickey Mouse Playhouse is mitigated only by the joy of shopping for a new amp! So I need a new amp. I have a MUCH larger budget now than I did when I bought the 640A/C/Rainmaker system (on Audiogon of course), but I don't feel like scapping the whole system and starting anew. I'm tempted to surf Audiogon until a CA 640A v2 comes up for sale, but I also don't want to miss this opportunity (my wife's first reaction to learning that the amp died was: "you must be psyched!" God, I love her!) to upgrade the whole shebang. What has happened in the last four years in integrated amps, and is it worth upgrading to the 840A or changing brands? My next planned purchases were an iPod classic, Wadia iTransport, and PS Audio Digital Link III DAC. I trust you guys - don't let me down!
Hi Roger,

I wish I could help you with your decision, whch I can't, but thought I'd share a lightning story with you. I have a first generation Marantz universal player, the DV 8300. When new, whenever the screen saver came on, it had the Marantz logo on it, as you would expect. After an intense lightning storm, a fairly close strike, the screen saver now carries the Lexicon logo. Marantz was making Lexicon players at one time, and may still be doing so, as far as I know. Maybe my player thinks it was supposed to be a Lexicon. There was nothing else effected by the power surge, and I just thought I'd share this oddity with you. I hope you don't mind my indulgence. Good hunting on your quest, I'm sure you'll find a good replacement for your Cambridge Audio piece.

Regards, Dan
I had a strike on my transformer on pole outside my home it was super energized and exploded when the linemen tried to remove it. I lost my computer and a few other electric items. But not one of my tube amps was damaged and I was listening to my main system when we got hit. Point to point tube amps hard to kill;) TT was playing no damage my SACD player was toasted. Tube pre was fine. A year later another strike this one went into my basement. Lost most chip items since micro chips are in most everything all was shot stove fridge microwave clocks TV etc my old Tube TV which I still have in my office again both of my tube systems where undamaged. If your still thinking SS the 840 is wonderful.
Do not forget, the ONLY way to protect your stuff from lightning is to unplug.
Doesn't Monster brag about paying for your equipment if it's fried while using their surge strips? You should be getting a check from Noel Lee any day now...

a nad or cambridge..the twins would agree
don't do the iPod/Wadia, simplify. Get an Apple TV (my suggestion) or a Squeezebox, with the excellent PS Audio Digital Link III.

I have a terrible power situation in a new developement in Houston. I have lost the computer part of a $3500 professional oven 3 times due to surges and strikes, but never had a problem with the AV stuff. I used Monster at first, moved up to Richard Gray, and now I have major overkill: PS Audio Solist wall outlet, a PS Audio Duet for the power amps only, and an APC S15 for all of the rest of the equipment. The APC is amazing, I had everything going through that but when I switched to Cary 500 monoblocks, the APC would run out of power at high volumes, they just pull a ton of power.

PS Audio stuff should kill any lightning strikes, check out their website.

Good luck, sounds like fun.