Help ! Levinson No333 or No.33H

I have been gave a good offer in upgrading my No.333 to No.33H. Is it worth to go for it? Anybody made a direct comparison between this 2 amps? I am worry that the 33H(150W) will be lack of punching if compare to the No.333(300W). Appreciate for any feedback.
Ugin, the 333 is stereo and 33h is mono. Are you getting another unit to complete the upgrade?
Send me your email address and I'll provide details to your inquiry.
Bagwell: What is your email address? Brandon: The 333 is a dual monoral power amp and I am thinking to swap it to 33H
I am also interested in the answer to this question. Unfortunately, no one is willing to answer it online.
I did have them both and I did up grade to......guess what???? If you have any questions e-mail... Tommy ;-)
This is not a hard one. I don't think the 333 even sounded that good, and the 33h is pretty righteous. If nothing else I think the soundstaging on the 33h is significantly better. If you have the cach that is a very good upgrade.
Cash, sorry, bad typo. Also the power issue should not be too significant unless your speakers are very difficult to drive.
I know im going to get crap for this, but i,ll tell you anyway. I know what sounded best in my system, sunfire signatures two channel amps , easily sounded as good or better , I preferred them over 333 ,336 33h and I owned all of them. THis was with a 380spre 39cd with360s da i still own all the frontend pieceswhich i like .IM running all transparent ref xl. martin logan statement twos and rel studio2 subs,the sunfires seem to work better on this system, give them a try.