Help Levinson 334 buzz

Hi guys,

I came back from the cottage last night to find that there was a low-level buzz in the right channel of my amp. it's a steady low volume buzzing noise coming out of the right speaker.. In case you're wondering, I did isolate it to the amp right channel with cable and equipment switching. Any ideas?

Sounds like the caps went bad. Common problem on the 334/335/336 series Levinson amps. Send it in for repair.
I have a 335 amp. About three days after taking delivery
from the original owner the same problem occurred. I sent
it to Madrigal (before they went belly up) and they replaced the caps under warranty. It's worked fine since.
Thanks for your responses. I called Harmon and a nice fellow named Al assured me that the cap problem was a known issue and Harmon has extended the warranty for that problem to 10 years. Nice work Harmon! My warranty had expired in March! Greatly relieved, but now I'm amp-less for the summer, likely. Tennis anyone?
I did something stupid and busted one of the caps several years ago. (I was changing one of the outlets on the wall, and got lazy and didn't turn off the main switch at the panel. I think I caused a small power surge, and blew one of the caps in my 333). Sent it back to Madrigal to get it fixed. The shipping along costed me over $120! Of course, now I don't do anything stupid like that anymore....

It's nice to know that they've extended the warranty to 10 years.

By the way, play golf instead. It will take up more time than Tennis....