Help: Left Channel of Technics 1300mk2 tt stopped

Using a beautiful Technics SL1300mk2 purchased from a fellow Audiogoner. The left channel of the turntable just stopped working the other day - it will sort of hum as I'm plugging it in but I get no music whatsoever. I've isolated the problem to the turntable for sure after replacing the phono preamp with a NAD PP-1 and changing the inputs on my Rotel RSX-1055 receiver (to both new inputs as well as switching R/L).

Any thoughts as to what could be causing the problem?

Thanks everyone!
Check your wiring to your cartridge and make sure the cartridge clips are making good contact with the cartridge pins.
Bingo. This being my very first turntable and I hadn't even thought about the cartridge contacts. I unhooked the cartridge, inspected it and popped it back I'm jamming again.

Thanks everyone!