HELP Lack of bass with Pioneer PD-65 Elite

Has anyone had problems with lack of bass with this particular unit? I am using it as a, stock, stand alone player. I've been having trouble with this issue for quite some time. All along I figured it may be my speakers or something....

The other day for the heck of it I decided to play a cd through my inexpensive Toshiba dvd player. It was shocking as to the amount of bass. This was enough to let me know something is wrong with the PD-65. The unit has never been abused, original owner, and cd's aren't skiping.

I'd be interested in hearing views from owners or previous owners of this unit. Again, I haven NOT tried outboard DAC'S or had any mods performed on the player. Cable suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Bryston BP20 (Bipass cap mods)
" " 4B (NRB)
Pioneer PD-65 Elite
Swans Cygnus (speakers)
No, I audition this CDP before,I dont think it lacks bass
at all.
I used this player as a transport four or five years. I never liked its stand-alone playback sound. It uses something called "legato link" which is some kind of proprietary upsampling/interpolation. This feature cannot be switched off.
I liked it as a transport, however.
I have to agree with you! I had this unit for a number of years, and it never had strong bass response. My later Copland 288 had marginally better bass, but the simple, cheap Philips 963 DVD/SACD is all over both those in bass response. I have Swans Allures, and before, I had Celestions with two M&K subs. Still no bass. I think the new all in one players do better on bass. The PD 93 before the PD 65 did not have much bass response, either.

I've got a PD-65 that my Brother was using as a transport for a while, but i can't remember what it sounded like when used as a player. As far as the comments about the Philips 963 goes, this unit is VERY "warm & bloomy" sounding i.e. it is far from neutral in terms of sonics. As such, it would be easy for a LOT of players to sound "lean" compared to the 963. Sean