help krell circuit diagrams

boy am i going mad! heres the story,had a krell 300i had it stolen bought a 2nd hand one from tthe usa,(im in england).,was going to convert it to run on 220/240 v same as i converted my kav 250 and 300,but its a different set up and all my so called electronic genius mates cant do kit either,krell wont help they just ask for $600 to do it!its a matter of moving 3 jumpers to three of five holes,its a two minute job,can anyone help? thanks

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Well, I've heard of an expensive japanese magazine called Musen and Jenkin (sp?), often called M&J, that'll often have the circuits published for ML, Krell, etc. for the die hard DIY'ers. Your model might be in an issue? Its like $250 a year subscription. The guys on might be able to help.