Help Klipsch Sub connnection to Sunfire Pre-Amp


I'm almost embarassed to say this but I'm really confused on how to properly hook my Klipsch LF-10 Sub-Woofer to my Sunfire Theater Grand II Pre-Amp. The Sunfire has 3 separate sub RCA connections in back (sub1, sub2 and sub3). The sub has a L & R RCA pair for "line in" and then a separate single RCA for LFE. The manual recommends doing the "line in".

I would appreciate all help. Have a great weekend!

Are you going to use it to support your stereo speakers, or are you using it for sound effects while watching movies?

If your using it for music I'd use the line in and depending on your speakers I'd set the crossover in your pre-amp at around 100Hz, if for movies use the LFE input and again depending on what your speakers can handle and what your amp is capable of set your crossover accordingly 100Hz is a good place to start.

I'm going to use it primarily for two channel stereo and eventually for HT. If you click on the "system" link and read my description, it will give you a better idea about the use, goals and components that I am using.

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I'm going to end this thread by answering my own question.

You want to use the "line in" on the sub (L & R) to maximize the amount of output from the sub to the single RCA on the pre-amp. This will require the use of a "y" cable either on the pre-amp end or the sub end.

The main speakers need to be configured for either medium or small. If they are configured for large, no signal will be passed to the sub.

Sorry I've been busy, it sounds like you have it under control. If you can buy another sub you'll like it even more. I find using two subs really balances the bass nicely.

I like your cave too!