Help! Klipsch matching ....S.E.Triodes?

Hi to everybody from Italy. I'm proud owner of Klipsch Chorus II. I'm looking for best sounding amplifier to match them. I tried Fourier OTL and results astonished me,really stunning. They told me that S.E.triodes should be a marriage made in heaven. Any experience with them driving Klipsch? Which are best sounding single ended triodes, best considering price?And best ones at cost no object? Thanks a lot, Lucio
Hello Lucio, and to everybody in Italy from a 3rd generation Italian-American in the USA! In case you are not aware, one of the best websites for those interested in triodes is that belonging to the inimitable, Dr. Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg, whom among other titles, is the self-proclaimed "Guildmeister" of "The Triode Guild." You can access his broad-based site (a conglomeration of the interests and views of this most refreshing/fascinating/ingenious/one-of-a-kind audiophile personalities on the planet, at Otherwise, if you prefer to go straight, specifically to The Triode Guild, you will find it at Good luck!
I had a pair of Klipsch Chorus 11 in my second system. They matched well with the Cary 2A3 and 300B amps. Since both Carys are somewhat expensive, I would also look at the Audio Electronics Line(also made by Cary) They are less expensive and deliver 80-90 percent of the Cary sound. As far as the best SET I have heard are the Cary 805s, I have them in my main system and I am quite pleased. I also agree with the above posting, check out "Gizmo's" page. He is informing and really quite entertaining. Good luck.
Hello, Fam 124 and Rec thanks for your precious infos. About Gizmo, I'll ask him, if I'm not wrong he was the prophet on Earth of Otl Tube God and now has converted himself to s.e. who knows better than him?