Help. JSE Infinite Slope speakers?????

I have a pair of Infinite Slope speakers. These are the blond ones that are a four way four speaker configuration. Looks like a 10" woofer, an 8" woofer/low mid, a 5 mid" and a 2" tweeter. So they are not 1.8s, because the 1.8 is a three way wlth 2 10" woofers. There is no model number on the panel on the back. Where it says model number it just says Infinate Slope. I'm wondering if these are post JS Engineering Infinate Slopes, because I know Joseph Audio bought the Infinate slope name sometime around 1990.
Anyway, anyone recognize these from the desctiption? It's a shame you can't post pice on this forum. Hell, even Lansing forums lets you post pics. Whats with AgoN?
Thanks, Martin.
Why not ask Joseph if they ever made such a model? My very limited understanding is that there is more than one manufacturer of infinite slope crossovers.
I have the same pair and I thought they were 1.8s. I guess I am learning something too. I had a tweeter go out a few years ago and was able to contact Jeff Joseph and he did help me out with getting a new tweeter set. I never did ask Jeff what model these were but I'm sure if you just called Joseph Audio he could tell you what they are.
If memory serves me correctly, the Model 1.2 slotted below the 1.8. There may have been one model between them at some point, which could be what you have.

As you said, it's a shame you can't post photos here. But, can you describe the shape, please? The Model 2 was pyramidal, like the Model 4. The designs under the Model 2 were not pyramidal, but had a sloped baffle. I think the Model 2 had both more drivers and larger woofers than you described.

Also, beyond talking to Jeff Joseph, Richard Modaferri, who patented the Infinite Slope crossover used by both companies, is someone to ask. And, you may want to contact the man himself, as in John Sollecito Engineering (JSE). I think I remember reading he lives in CT.
Thanks folks. Trelja, you may be right, except the 1.8 is a three way and this one is a four way, while the Model 2 is a five way. Shape wise mine is the slope, but not the pyramid. Same shape as the 1.8. I'll have to make some calls Monday. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.
I'm glad you've initiated this discussion, Martin. Thank you for that! It's good to have the products of a more sane day of high-end audio reenter our memory.

How do you like the JSE model you own? Are you intent on keeping them over the long term, or is a move in the cards?

My local dealer, Community Audio, was a dealer for them and big proponent. They were their reference line, and what you normally listened to if you went there to hear a TT/cartridge, CD player, pre/power amp. Since I spent a good amount of time there as a teenager, I got to hear them a lot, and even had them in my system. Quite a bit different sounding than what dominates today, a more rich, full-bodied, and relaxed presentation. I think the Joseph Audio speakers, sharing some of the same bloodlines, have many of the same qualities.