HELP: Isolation for component w/small footprint

I have a Bel Canto DAC and I thought about getting some kind of isolation and/or ground coupling for it, but the footprint is very small. Any suggestions? Whatever I get, they must also be small as at least 3 must be there.
I like Audiopoints (come in a variety of different sizes) at
I have a few extra footers I can sell ya if you need'em. 3" by 3" each, also have some 1" by 1" as well. They can be used under the stock feet of your DAC, or in conjunction with Audiopoints (save scratching up your rack). $5 each plus shipping, I like what they do for me. I'm running real low and won't be building more, too much money and time to make another batch. Click on my system, check out the DIY footers.

Best, Jeff