Help: ISO Beginner full setup for excellent sound on $2000 max budget

Overview: Brand new at this, looking for help purchasing beginner full setup of TT, Tube Amp, Speakers, Preamp that is aesthetically pleasing (i.e. minimalist, blends in as piece of furniture with plants), that sounds fantastic, and will stand up over the next 5-7 years, for $2000 max. I'm in search of the best sound, most aesthetically pleasing, and holds up longest overtime. If you could put together a beginner set of quality products for somebody about to enter their 30’s for xmas with a $2000 max budget, what would you include?

Hey y’all, I’m brand new to this and don’t want to jump down a huge rabbit hole, or spend countless hours contemplating decisions about these, not because I don’t have time, it’s just not good for me: I’m so bad at making decisions and I want somebody’s advice that I can trust. So, figured I’d start a dialogue:

I am looking for a simple setup with the following components for a small to midsized room:
- Turn Table (I like Rega, UTurn, and Pro-ject easthetics);
- Preamp (whatever pairs best with the entire setup);
- Speakers (what I think I should invest most in? - I like Omega Super 3 XRS Speakers); and
- Tube Amp (whatever pairs best with the entire setup - I like the Almarro a205a).

The most important aspects of these products are all:
- Durable (wanting to last a while and feel a little modern classic 6-7 years from now);
- Best sound for the price; and
- Aesthetically pleasing (this is important, it will be the center of my living room for the foreseeable future).

My music style: is mostly slower independent stuff: Sun Kil Moon, John Prine, Iron and Wine sounding stuff. Other than that I’ll mostly listen to Hip Hop, like J Dilla, or Rock, like Pearl Jam).

I’d love for it to be something that’s not jumping head first into this as a hobby, but something I can be proud of owning that I can play every day.

If you have any specifics please ask, I apologize for the length of this post, just figured I ’d try to be general enough so y’all could get an idea.

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You might be better served skipping tubes and vinyl and just going with an all in one solution like the Kef LS50 Wireless. Great looks and sonics. Built in amps tailored to their drivers. No preamp needed or turntable just stream right to the speakers.
Cheap tube amps tend to suck and I don’t think the one you chose is even in production anymore. Plus, you’ll need additional funds for good tubes.

Another option if you really want tubes is to again skip the vinyl and go digital with something like a Schiit saga pre, vidar power amp, and modi dac. That will leave you some dough for nice speakers and all the cabling you need. Don’t forget, if you go standmounts you’ll need stands too. Though not beautiful, Tekton speakers are high value as are Elacs. The new Elac Debut Reference are pretty slick looking and sound great too. Good luck!
A system similar to the one @mofojo recommended would be a good option. The Tekton M-Lore is a very high value speaker and quite forgiving. I had a pair years ago. With your budget, I'd still advise against vinyl and tubes. You will be spread too thin on budget. If you do go with M Lores or Lores or something Tekton. They absolutely sound better with real wattage behind them. More dynamic with tighter bass.