Help - Internet radio from PC to stereo receiver

I have a Magnum Dynalab MD-102 tuner which I feed from a top quality rooftop antenna. I have enjoyed many hours of FM stereo music with my setup.

Sadly to say, I am moving to Myrtle Beach, SC where there are few good jazz stations. Here is my question: I find that can still get some of my favorite stations on their internet feed in SC with broadband. I have a Dell PC with two stick speakers and a sub. While the sound is listenable, I would like to get the best possible 2 channel reception.

Would it be worth it to purchase a Terratec Aureon 7.1 Firewire (or equivalent) to connect to my high-end stereo gear or would I still be limited by the quality of the internet broadcast signal, making it not worth the expense. I really don't know if that signal can be improved upon or if it is compressed, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions or hints from experienced people.
I am not an expert on PCs, but this issue is very important to me. Thanks again.

First thing I would try is hooking a cable from your sound card to your stereo system. Give it a good listen on a 'net Jazz radio station you like. If the sound quality is to your liking, then you can try some other things. BUT - If the sound is crappy/distorted, then at the very least you will have not wasted money and still have bad sound. I am not saying you will have bad sound thru Internet Radio, but you could. This is the way my dad listens to music sometimes, and it sounds all distorted!
i live in myrtle beach and jazz is hard to find,although we have a nice jazz club.charleston has a nice one you should pull in with the right stuff.i took a 1/4 plug to rca stereo plug from my comp and ran interconnects to my pre its ok for a get by.the cable company has jazz channels on the cable box and i ran the digital out to my dac, much better than pc.. no comercials me when you get here and i will help barry
If your preamp has digital inputs, you can get a sound card for $30 or so with digital outputs. This works very well, I have done it for years.
If you want to do this on the cheap, I would recommend the Edirol UA-25 USB to S/PDIF converter or the M-Audio Transit. Both are stock with Toslink out, but you can use a glass fiber cable.

If you want to go wireless, then the AirPort Express.
Thanks guys for the nice responses. Yes,I tried with the mini to my stereo input with a cable and I am NOT impressed, especially after listening to FM off-air music
with my Magnum Dynalab. Bbaxley2 - Good idea on the cable TV hookup as I intend to have RoadRunner broadband. Thanks and I will contact you in a couple months from Myrtle Beach.
Looking forward to going. Retired and don't need snow.

Thanks, Alan