Help Interconnect Cable

I am looking for a pair of interconnect XLR similar sound to Cardas golden cross warm, sweet and detail but I do not like the laid back of cardas family, any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Have you considered Audioquest.
I would suggest the Accoustic Zen Matrix Reference.
Try the Tara Labs Air 1 or the ISM The 3 or ISM The 2. These are very smooth cables and do not sacrifice detail. The are very neutral sounding with great isolation from noise. Probably one of the most overlooked cables around. Sumiko uses Tara in their lab for their equipment including the REL sub. They don't add the slight coloration of the Cardas cables but give you an open look into the soundstage.
Try the Alpha-Core Goertz TQ2. An excellent interconnect at a rational price.
I already had tried the AZ matrix MI, I think it is kind of bright for my taste.
How about the Cardas Neutral Reference?
Goone, if the AZ is too bright then I like the Cardas Neutral Reference recommended by Ntu75. I.m assuming your triing to keep the costs in the Cardas price range. If you want to go up to something used in the $1000 range the FIM gold, NBS Statement would be good choices. I don't think you can find Audio Purist Dominius in that price but it may be the perfect fit. I think the Wireworld, Tara, Audioquest, Nordost and XLO will all be on the bright side for your taste. If I think of any other that you might try I'll e-mail you.
Thanks again for your info I heard a lot of good thing regarding the audio purist dominius but it is kind out of my price range.
Goone, I'm going to write you a personal e-mail regarding this, but I also wanted to share my thought.

I'm not sure you need to buy a new interconnect at all. Last night I began thinking of times I've experienced similiar issues and how I solved them. I'm going to ask you to list your equipment and tweaks, then maybe suggest some footer solutions or dampening that may solve it for a fraction of the cost.