Help integrated amp is not working?

I turn off my amp and switch some tubes last night, now only one side of the speakers is playing. I re-installed the old tubes back in and its still the same issue. It's a Shanling STP 80, also, I tested the none sounding with the souding side speaker and the speakers are all good to go. Dont know if I messed something up HELP! What can be the issue?
Did you change all of the tubes or just the power tubes. If the latter you may have had a small tube die. They do that from time to time. If you haven't already try switching these tubes as well.
Well, I replaced to old tubes with the new ones and vice versa, nothing works. Rechecked all the wires, connection, etc. Still nothing! I dont want to break the seal to look inside the amp to see if a fuse was blown however I check the external fuse and everything was intack.

Now what? Man I feel like giving up on tubes, but the sound is so amazing. The simplicity of SS compared to tubes sometimes I want to go back to SS but I cant :(
I'm still not sure what you have done re tube replacement. I suggest you do the following: 1) Swithch power tubes from left channel into right channel. Does the dead channel come to life and the working channel die? If so you have found that you have a dead power tube. 2) Repeat process for small tubes.

If you find you have a dead tube, then take one of the tubes you moved and place it back into the other channel. If the channel comes to life and the other dies you have now determined which tube it was that died and you can replace this one tube.

Be very methodical. If you still have the same dead channel you may well have an internal fuse blown. Do you know if you have an internal fuse? What leads you to believe that if you open up the amp that this will void your warranty? Bummer if Shandling voids warranty for just opening to look at a fuse!
Newbee, well I get a faint audible sound from my speaker so I am not sure if the fuse is blown I am going to play with it and see what happens. Thanks!
I open here up, all the fuses are good to go. Change the tubes from left to right, right to left. There is an audible signal coming from the speaker but its not complete.
Check your wiring, switching L&R input...does the bad channel switch? After this test, switch back the inputs, and reverse your speaker outputs. Then reverse all you run change both ends of input and speakers use your L wires as R, and visa verse.

Also, check to see that your IEC power cord is tightly plugged in. I had a heavy power cord, and the neutral [big pin] was loose, and for some crazy reason, only the right channel would act "funky".

And can you see that all of the filaments of your tubes are glowing, when powered up?
It's possible that one of the "new" tubes has a short, especially if the symptoms remained the same after installing the old tubes. If that's the case - and the fuses are okay - then there's damage to one or more circut elements caused by the shorted tube. The amp needs service.
Perform a thorough visual inspection of the tube socket to ensure nothing is damaged. You could also do a continuity check on the tube pins on both channels and compare the results from left to right channel. If everything checks ok, I'd agree with Gs556.
Problem fixed by Decidel audio one of the plate fuse block was loose... They did an overall checkup and no she's running beautiful and shes for SALE!