Help, Info on Systemdek OEM tonearm????

I've been looking for specific info on a paticular OEM arm from Systemdek. It's not the profile, linn, or rega. It is stamped with SYSTEMDEK vertically down the arm at the pivot point. Mostly I'd love to get the arm mass for cartridge matching but any info would be great. I can't find anything on the net...

I have pics but can't figure out how to post them here on Agon.

Any information would be great :)

It is a Jelco built tonearm, but it has a slightly shorter stylus to pivot distance than current Jelco offerings. All in all, it is a well made piece, but not the best in the world. Still, it is decent performer that will shame some more expensive tonearms. I believe, but don't take me to task on this, that the effective mass is around 12-14 grams. That will allow it to be suitable with a great many cartridges out there. Hope this helps.
I have one in the basement that I found recently apparently left over from the days when I sold Systemdek. It worked with most cartridges then and with the demise of very high compliance cartridges you should have a wide range in choosing one now. A Denon 110 would work and is a steal at around $100. It is a high output MC suitable for most phono stages. I have been using one to demo VPI Scouts, I am not connected with Denon.